Hi, I'm back again. I have just filled in the forms again for my husband who is hearing impaired, also has asthma, IBS and dyspraxia.

Last year he got 6 points - and all on the unsubstantiated (never had a formal diagnosis) dyspraxia. Nothing on the hearing impairment which is his major problem. The Tribunal was nightmarish. Whilst we waited, prisoners in handcuffs dragged past us inches away. We were made to feel like criminals. In the Tribunal, they tied him in knots. And then told him they were not changing the decision.

He was so upset by it all it's only now he can face reapplying. To save him the stress, I have done the forms (did my son's forms previously and he got Enhanced and Enhanced, withno face to face and no need for MR or appeal - for a long time I worked for a charity helping people fill in DLA forms). The evidence that got my son Enhanced? A GP scribbled 5 words on a piece of paper. His diagnosis. They said it was ample evidence!

This time husband has submitted more evidence than last year. I'd love to hear from anyone else who has managed to get PIP at any level, for hearing impairment? (Or not).

I posted here a year ago to ask if anyone had any experience and it seemed not. There is almost zero info online.