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Thread: hi does some one know pl

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    Exclamation hi does some one know pl

    i sent my pip form back and they signed for it on the 20th feb i recieved a text on the 27th feb saying they had the forms.
    i rang last week then rang atos as was told they had my forms.
    how long does it take atos to contact you back regarding this
    i am in tayside in scotland.
    also when they contact you is it a brown envelopes that it comes in telling you about f2f
    as i keep looking out for the envelopes but not sure if atos use the brown envelopes if any one can tell me please.
    or would they call me regarding a f2f
    just want to know how long all this takes and if atos either send out a letter or if they would ring
    thankyou for any advice
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    It will be a white envelope not brown it's usually marked private and confidential on the front

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    We sent my hubbys filled in PIP form to DWP about 5 weeks ago. We haven't had a text or anything to say it has been received is this normal?

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    and heres me looking for a brown envelope oh well have to start again with the post now ty so much for your reply regarding this x

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    Hello pep4

    I received a text out of the blue saying Atos had appointments free for PIP assessments, before my white envelope with an actual appointment arrived. Roughly three to four weeks after returning my PIP2.

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    hi barbiejane ive had 3 texts from them first saying we have sent your forms saying we havent recieved your form back ..3rd saying they have recieved my forms and they are looking at it
    dont know if this is normal i can only say what has happened with me
    as it was my mobile number i put on the form
    hoping this helps you x

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    Panic over.I've just tracked the registered letter and it was sent on the 9th Feb and received and signed for on the 10th so they have it in the bulding.It's just a waiting game now.

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    ty buble48 mines was sent back to them and they signed for it on the 20th feb but didnt text me to say they have back until the 27th feb
    are you in scotland aswell plz xx
    just wish they would tell me im worried sick with all this waiting xx

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    lol barbiejane..i hate the waiting i took pics of my tracked return for forms just so i had a copy on my phone..i rang atos and they said they had my forms this waiting game is killing me here with worrying xx

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    envelope anxiety syndrome.

    Bought on by white envelopes you don't want at all (face to face)
    and brown envelopes you have been desperately waiting for (results) but are scared of opening.

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