I hope someone can help me with some advice.

My daughter receives universal credit with a Limited Capability for Work Element due to both physical and mental health issues. She was called for a Work Capability Assessment and we attended, this was an incredibly traumatic experience for her, causing many sleepless nights and massive emotional upset during the assessment, so we were totally dismayed when 45 minutes into the assessment, the assessor informed us she was not qualified to assess one of the minor health issues discussed which would have no impact at all on the ability to work. She then went on to say that the assessment would be discontinued and nothing would be saved, instead my daughter would have to attend on a different date and start the assessment all over again.

I never expected this to be a pleasant experience and I know mine can't be an objective view as it's my daughter but this seems so cruel and I am tempted to think it was deliberate in the hope she just won't attend again and so they can stop her payments.

Is it permitted for an assessor to abandon a meeting and can they make my daughter go through the whole thing again? Can we complain that the health issue we were discussing, and the assessor was not qualified for, was not significant to the assessment so the assessment should not have been abandoned? If they insist on another assessment, why can't they just continue from the point they left off?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.