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Thread: hello im new and in a quandry

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    hello im new and in a quandry

    Hello all
    only found this site today, im so happy to have found it.

    anyway here is the quandry. I have hemiparisis and walk slowly with a stick. I drive a full automatic with hand controls My motability car is up for renewal in june. I've done 38000 miles in it due to needing it for work and travelling over 250 miles every 4 months to see family. I'm now worrying about taking out a new lease as i fear like many i will not get pip to use the motability scheme. I've got a few options:-

    1. Just go for a new lease and worry about pip when times comes, pros in that i get a car, cons if i don't get pip i lose car and possibly my job.

    2. Purchase a used car i saw one last weekend nissan note (which im after) 09 reg 9k on clock and the dealership were fantastic and very friendly understood about adaptions id need etc, pros the car will be mine, so if i dont get pip i still got my car, cons all the oulay on a car and getting a loan and putting a little more strain on family finances.

    3. Ring motability to see if i can get a 1 year extension, on current contract, pros, still got my car, finances will be in a much better position, cons ive done over 38000 miles so i doubt it.

    Sorry for the long post, its first time i've got it all of my chest any advice or thoughts would be great

    many thanks

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    Welcome to the site. The situation which you find yourself in is similar to many others and although full details of PIP have not been announced it is causing concern for many and its best to be aware of what may or may not happen.
    As I understand from the latest news (from newspapers and various websites) existing DLA claimants will be invited to apply for PIP from Jan 2014 to March 2016. As to who how and when, your guess is as good as anyones.
    So with regard to your 3 choices, it may be worth calling Motability but from the responses from others I think it unlikely thay will extend in view of the mileage.
    If it comes down to choices 1 and 2, if you renew your lease you MAY get the option to buy the car if you lose DLA. Have you asked Motability for a price to buy your existing car? They supply it with a 12 month warranty. It also comes down to finances and your own financial position, but its unfair that so many of us are put in this uncertain situation.
    I have never driven a Note but I had an Almera Tino for 5 years and, other than a flat tyre which could happen to anyone, it never let me down during that time.

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    thanks for your reply, yes it is wrong what is happening, but i suppose i have to make correct choice for me, i'm going to phone motability tomorrow re an extension, then when they say no, i'm going to start ringing around for insurahce quotes i've already got my letter from RSA but insurance is a minefield once you've ben on the scheme for a while like myself.

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    Try a quote from Privilege, they'll take your no claims earnt from Motability
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    churchill agreed to do this for me when I was considering leaving.

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    Like you I'm in the same position only my car is due back with Motability 5 months later.

    I've already extended my lease by the two years as I had low mileage. I doubt that Motability will extend your lease as the mileage is too high.

    They'll certainly sell you the existing car and of course you can keep any existing adaptations.

    In relation to your worry about whether you'll be eligible for PIP check this information out . . .

    Therefore if an individual is not able to move less than 50 meters without severe pain, they might be assessed as needing a wheelchair to be able to do so-even if they do not actually use one-and as such be entitled to the enhanced rate of teh Mobility componenet. This would of course depend on a detailed assesment of their circumstances.

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    thanks for all your replies, very useful, i phoned motability but ivedone too many miles for an extension, so im getting insurance quotes and its taking all day!!

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