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Thread: Discounts for disabled and visually impared at the theatre

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    Discounts for disabled and visually impared at the theatre

    I love to visit the theatre but the cost can be very high with ticket prices sometimes over £70. each, when I wanted tickets to see Phantom of the Opera at Cardiff Millenium Centre I contacted the centre to enquire if there are any discounts available for the disabled or visually impared.

    I was pleasantly suprised when I was told that if I got middle rate care DLA then I would get a 30% discount, but if I was on higher rate care DLA or have a certificate of visual imparement then I would be entitled to a free carers ticket.

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    that good, how do you do this. have you got any more information on discounts for blind/vvip people.

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    I found the same when booking for a friend at the O2 - she has a Blue Badge, and this was sufficient to get a carer's ticket free. The main booking line gave me the number of a dedicated disabled booking line that also had the advantage of no booking fee, credit card surcharge or even postage cost. Unfortunately when I tried to do the same at Wembley Arena, the only concession that they offer to BB holders is reduced price parking.

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    Wow, I have asked before & been told no, only for students & pensioners. Never asked at those places though. In fact, I was told at one place-Will not name here as I am currently taking the matter further-that disabled people get enough for nothing & I was pathetic for trying to cheat the place out of a discount.
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