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Thread: guide dogs in eating establishments

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    guide dogs in eating establishments

    i find it strange, that this staff in eating establishments, still have to go and ask the manager if it is ok for a guide dog to come in.
    before i lost my sight in 1999, i knew that guide dogs were allowed in to places where there is food.
    also i have been turned away from some shops, but not that often. these were in places that i did not go to, ie on holiday, or just in a town corner shop. not worth making a fuss about, or was i wrong about this. this is what i am thinking now.
    what do you think.

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    I find it interesting that were places state that animals are banned, other than guide dogs, some people still challenge it. The problem is ignorance of the law. I would suggest you get the evidence, then show them this. You can also report them if you are refused entry. People do not challenge things becuase they do not want to make a fuss. That is fine if you are happy with that, but you are now wondering, so I would say if you do not challenge it then people will continue to get away with it.
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    If you feel able to you should challenge incorrect and illegal actions. it may be that the person is just ignorant of the law and needs to be pointed in the correct direction.
    I was once refused entry to a shop because I was in a wheelchair. At the time I was too demoralised to make an issue of it and it still makes me angry now.

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    Never unbderstood the countrys obsession of keeping dogs out of resturants.
    Its not as if they are in the kitchen cooking the meal and many more deseases are spread by people coughing and sneezing in the establishments.

    Its one of the things the Europeans have right, not to have this stupid rule.

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    Because if you let dogs in you have to let any animal in, even politicians & Murdochs!
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    Askew, I am a little confused on what you mean.
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