Well I was expecting it, I have got a ESA Medical on the 18th of May.

I received the letter this morning, should I get my ESA recorded in the medical? How do to go about it? In the medical, What questions will they ask you? Will they examine you? As I was born with Klippel Feil Syndrome, is a musculoskeletal disorder that is present from birth. It is characterised by the fusion of at least two or more vertebrae of the neck - Very short neck basically. Along with rib abnormalities, Deafness, cleft palate ). What questions will they ask you? My mum will be coming with me for support.

I am already anxious and scared, I know I have to go to the medical as I have never had one before on ESA. I am expecting to get zero point, as I have read some awful stories on the internet about the medical.