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Thread: new motability car

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    Quote Originally Posted by istanbul View Post
    well latest news is motability have forced vauxhall to look at my car tomorrow and check it out. manager of vauxhall dealer wasnt happy . he has told motability that the car has only got a small engine so not to expect 30+mpg . he also still saying that the car has no faults because it would show up on dashboard. but will wait and see what happens. motability have asked me to do a fill to brim test again after vauxhall have looked at it , then to ring them back up with my mpg after doing approx 100 miles. they have said if still no change it will be classed as a mechanical fault and consider cancelling agreement.
    Even a small engine should get at least over 30mpg, say 35-40. Hope Vauxhall find the reason why it is getting poor MPG.

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    question is would they tell me? lol or fob me off as iam not a mechanic . if i was getting 32+ mpg around town that would be ok but i cant accept very low 20 or less mpg for round town.
    i feel sorry for motability in this as they will have to try and sell the car if they take car back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by istanbul View Post
    question is would they tell me? lol or fob me off as iam not a mechanic . if i was getting 32+ mpg around town that would be ok but i cant accept very low 20 or less mpg for round town.
    i feel sorry for motability in this as they will have to try and sell the car if they take car back.
    Dont feel sorry for Motability. They will probably sell it on at a PROFIT. Vauxhall give them a huge discount somewhere in the order of 30-35% and the scheme is VAT free which reduces the cost by another 17% so Motability will pay about half the list price. I imagine Vauxhall will buy the car back.

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    took car today to vauxhall. they said it will take 3/4 of an hour to an hour to check it out. guess what they only spent 10 mins looking at it and said nothing wrong with it. so doing mpg by brim to brim now

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    Quote Originally Posted by istanbul View Post
    iam glad motability are listening to me. all vauxhall want to treat people like this they are going the wrong way about it, they have lost me in the future for another car. i hope they go bankrupt. i for one will have no sympathy for them. the last car we had was hyundai and we couldnt fault them in any way, any problems we did have were sorted out without questions . its a shame that the car we wanted from them was an advanced payment but couldnt afford it .
    Whilst I understand that by the way you bought the car, relying on Vauxhalls figures, that you are annoyed, however their is NO reason to denegrate the whole of the vauxhall employees.
    If you have ever seen what happens when a car manufacturre goes bankrupt and the effect it has on ordinary working stiffs who have done NOTHING wrong but worked bloody hard for their wage packet, you would perhaps thing next time before making such a STUPID comment!

    Yes, I HAVE seen the fear, the illnesses and breakup of families when a manufacturer (Rover) went bankrupt, so yes, I am pissed at your totally undefendable comment!

    I am disgusted.

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    i can understand what you mean by my comments ( a bit too harsh) i have retracted that statement but from my point of view theres no need to treat customers like this it took motability to step in and force them to look at the car otherwise where could i have turned to.maybe they need to look at staff training in dealing with problems. they seemed ok while we were getting the car but afterwards not interested. as you were saying about rovers shutting down is that the consumers fault for not buying their cars? (i dont think so). its about quality and service nowadays . as far as i'm concerned car manuafacturers have took things too far with their claims on what cars can do mpg wise. when in the real world they are alot less. were one car manufacturer loses another one gains . to me thats life
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    Motability have this page on their website with the usual warnings and disclaimers. Its not Vauxhall who are making the MP claim, they are quite simply quoting the governments own figures.

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    i think overhaul is long due . this cannot go on with prices of fuel going up. people are trying to get a car which will give them peace of mind . eg : theres no point saying a car will do 100 mpg if realistically it will only do 50 mpg. people do look at what average they should get from a car from the statements claimed from dealers . if it was broadband you was using and they said you will get eg: 50mb and you could only get 10 mb that company would probably be fined for making claims which couldnt be reached. i do wonder how many people would have picked the car they have owned if they knew its true mpg, would they have gone for a different car?

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    A news story in Auto Express today caught my eye and thought of this thread...

    Honda has won a legal victory over a customer in the US who sued because she couldn't achieve the 50mpg her Civic Hybrid was advertised as delivering.

    Heather Peters was awarded $9,867 (£6,105) in damages at a California small claims court in February over the issue. But that ruling has been overturned by the state's Superior Court after an appeal by Honda.

    The judge also ordered Peter's to pay Honda's $75 (£46) legal costs.
    Remember it's not the fault of the manufacturers, it's the government's laboratory style of measuring that is to blame.
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    good news. i sumitted photo evidence and reciepts to motability, they have now allowed me to change car due to poor mpg and inconsistancies with my vauxhall dealer manager. eg . motability said he was saying certain things about merivas ( the mpg stated in their booklets are true )and then saying it a big car with small engine and not to expect good mpg the only way to get the mpg stated in their booklet was to drive like professional drivers do.. if there was a fault it would show up on the dash in other words he was trying to fob motability off . i could have given them the car for a week to check it out but as i said to motability whose to say they still wouldnt fob me off with more lies. all i can say is thanks to motability for listening to their customers. they also told me that the meriva is showing a big pattern of complaints by customers for poor mpg, so wether that means they will take merivas off the scheme as too many complaints about them time will tell.

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