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Thread: Atos report

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    Atos report

    Hi all just to let you all know i am actually very surprised i actually got a good hcp report i cant belive it im in total shock she diddnt mention that i needed to take a break during the assessment and a few details that were missed but overall the report is very accurate and the points tally by the hcp suggests that i would be entitled to enhanced on both daily carr and mobilty i just cany belive it im in total shock now i know im not getting my hopes up as the dwp can change points ext however i have scored 14 points for enhanced mobilty and i think around 15 for daily living the problem is they havent given me the points score like the old report they have left that part out
    But i am so relived that this lady was a genuine person from atos i never thiught i would say this but the award more than doubles what im gettijg now im only getting standard rate daily care living oh well the only problem is they have advised a review in 18 months but atleast i could relax for 6 months before gathering evidence should the dms make the correct decision anyways to to say dispite my original reservations from previous experience this person was a geniune person i think my anxiety was a major part in how the assessment went just thiught i would update you all anyways i will let you all lnow when the disciion comes from the dwp thanks all for your support x

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    Well that's great to know. Fingers crossed. Just hope my report gives as promising news!

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    Hopingg too and if it is the case that i get awarded this then i have had 1 bad and 1 good i even phoned atos and addedd to my complaint thay i am shocked and happy about the report oh and just a heads up for anyone atos had a system failure apperntly on the 13th march where letters have not been sent out no wonder why i diddnt get my letter so i would advise anyone who has been offered an appointment for a hoel visit to ring and check just in case

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    hello report looks good and also, when atos did mine they had advised a review in 24 months, dwp end up given me 5 years at one point they give me on going, but i did mr on my motabilty got enhanced but put back to five years review, not the 24 months atos said so you never know good look regards palmer

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    Oh i diddnt know they could change the length of the award at last there are some good atos hcp who dont lie and tell the truth was so shocked and still in shock hahaha i spoke to stos and he said it is very rare they get any good feedback so they appricated my comments and good experience but i think this has something to do with my previous experience with them and going all the way to the independent case examiner but cant tar all hcps with the same brush i just hope they continue with the good hcp reports and people

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    Congratulations Curvingcookie,

    My assessment with Atos was positive too. Also Dwp gave me extra points to make my award enhanced for both components. Instead of 2 years they upped it to 3. So no complaints here either.


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    Palmers correct, the DWP may give you longer than what the HCP advises, as they also read over your evidence so fingers crossed it's 5 years! Glad you had a good experience

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    Its good to know that they can change the length of the award really dont want to have to do it again in 6 months as it will mainly be the same evidence at least we are hearing some good reports from the hcps lately just this waiting is doing my head in lol anyways as soon as i hear ill let u all know

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    Good morning all just a quick update telephone dwp this mornimg no decision as yet however they said because i asked for them not to make a decicion until i received the hcp report which i telephoned them on 4/04/2017 to say they could go ahead with the decision as i was happy with it (to be honest i am very surprised they waited ) the man on the call center has now put a note on system to ask for the decision to be done urgently because its stressing me out cant see them doing it to be honest but he did say i should have a decision by the end of the week as they are trying to get a decicion done within a week now so fingers crossed

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    Hi can i ask how do you know the points you have been awarded did you ring atos and told you over phone before you receive report goodluck

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