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Thread: Using crutches to get around but no dla

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    I was in an aircast boot for 18 months, due to Charcot Foot (Diabetic arthropathy)
    I get tyeh HRMC but I did not apply for the care componenet as I felt I was not in need of it.
    The aircast is designed to bear the weight, and I had no problem getting up and down the stairs when they fitted the boot, ethy should have shown you how to do that easily. Yes, at night I would take it off, and if I neede the loo, I went.
    I could easily work with one crutch. but I did not have to keep teh aircast off the ground, as I have said its designed to take the pressure out of the damaged foot.

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    Thanks thats what my husband as got the charcot foot in the acute stage.This is where most of the damage is done, he as been told not to put the aircast on the floor at anytime,so he gets up and down stairs on is bottom.he just finds it extremly difficult thxs for replying to me .

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