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Thread: Supercession following an appeal

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    Supercession following an appeal

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had applied for a supercession following the miserable outcome of an appeal and to let the DWP know that things have got worse over the past 6 mths?

    I have a form to complete to update the DWP on my condition but need to know how to complete it so it emphasises the fact that without my higher rate DLA I am housebound and my health and condition will be severly compromised if I attempt to walk the 1.5 miles roundtrip from home to the centre of town. I need to use a walking frame and I am unable to carry shopping etc.

    I am so depressed abouit the whole situation and the fight I am having to put up.

    The whole system is so wrong and the DWP are discriminating against disabled people.

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    morning joanie,

    over the years and especially the last months i have filled in a 3 dla forms, i have filled in their claim packs, renewal forms, and the look again form.

    you don't mention which form you have been asked to fill in but what people mention on here is that you need to put as much details about your needs as possible. one thing you definitely need which adds some more weight is supporting letters from your doctors, try and get them showing how much help you need, this is one type of letter i got which helped with my case.

    the questions of these forms do catch a lot of people out so for example if it ask you in the mobility part 'how far can you walk normally' this is how far can you walk before the onset of discomfort, so if you get discomfort from just getting out of a chair the answer to this is '0' or 'not at all' in minutes this again would become 'zero'.

    as for the care section again many questions are what they call trick questions and again many people fail to understand them so where it has boxes about 'how often' and 'how long each time' you could put '7 days' and then '8 times a day 40 minutes'

    these are just little examples of dla form filling, you do need to get help if you are struggling and you can contact your cab office, the welfare and works website and one which i found very good and who even explained what to put for the answers was the 'benefit enquiry line'

    one thing what ever you do don't tell them that you would have to walk 1.5 miles due to loss of benefit as this is a sure way of not getting anything. please seriously consider getting help with the form filling so it is done correctly.


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    I did not know you could do this. I was lead to believe you had to make a new claim if your situation worsened.

    Ah, just looked at their website. I am more confused as that makes it clear you cannot do it if your condition gets worse.

    I am sure someone else will clarify.
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    if your situation worsens then you can get them to send out a form which has the code dbd434 it is very similar to the claim and renewal packs.


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    what is this

    " Look again form " does it have a number and where can i get 1 from

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