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Thread: ESA Assessment?? Are they having a laugh?

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    First thing I'm doing at my F2F next week is taking out copies of the thirty pages of medical evidence which I sent them and slamming them under the assessor's nose. I honestly don't believe they've read a word of them so far.

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    Apologies, StillGame, I think I may have hijacked your thread there, didn't mean to do that. Unfortunately, what I'm basically saying, is that once CHDA have decided you have to have a F2F (paper assessments becoming increasingly rare) it is almost impossible to get them to change their time. Just be ready, try not to let it get to you too much and get it over with, that's what I'm trying to do.

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    I have ESA support group and PIP enhanced both rates without any medical. However if ever they wish to be awkward in the future then I have a very knowledgable welfare advisor who will use the Equality Act and make damn sure they comply.
    Good luck to you.

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    Thanks for the replies folks, please don't worry about hijacking the tread though, it's good to hear other members accounts and experiences

    I too get enhanced rates of both components in pip with an ongoing award until 2026

    And in support group for ESA, have a letter from DWP saying they acknowledge my condition is very unlikely to improve hence the ongoing award for PIP

    and these clowns are demanding I attend a f2f for esa

    I have a tel appointment with my GP next week where I can ask her to write a letter ( all within my 5 min allocated time slot ) I have absolutely no faith in her that she will do this

    I wish I could afford to tell the lot of them to stick it where the sun doesn't shine , but I guess that would play right into their hands

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    Stillgame, I understand you totally. I really dont understand the this system. I'm on PIP enhanced mob standard care (I didnt appeal the daily care, as the stress was just to much) this award is implace until 2019 I had a home assessment 2 years ago for PIP & my ESA was paper based 2 years ago. Last week I recieved a new esa 50 to fill in. Its made me feel so ill with worry & stress I just cant focus on anything. I have asked my GP to do another letter to request a home assessment & giving yet another breakdown of my health conditions, as it seems 40 plus pages of medical evidence isnt enough! I'm hoping for a paper based or home assessment & actually thinking if going down the Income Support route to just escape this misery. My hubby reachs pension age in 18 mths, come then I'm not bothering with this evil farce. I like u wish I could just say shove it! Has I swear, this is making me more unwell than I already am. I wish you well.

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    Ok little update today , spoke with my psychologist last week and he drafted me a letter which I collected today with the plan on faxing it through to that lot

    Now having read his brief letter I won't bother, talk about a waste of time, all he has said basically is that is that he has instructed me to contact them asking for them to reserve a disabled space outside the building so I can drive there???

    More chance of me turning up to drive at the Monaco GP than being able to drive to the assessement place which is bang in the heart of the city financial district

    Also managed to get a telephone appointment with my GP today, she informed me that when she completed their form she ticked Yes that I would be able to attend a f2f appointment and by publicly transport - all 70 mins of the journey

    I can't begin to explain how impossible this is both physically and mentally , however after a brief conversation and explanation she apologised for this mistake and agreed that I could not attend and would fax a letter through today asking for a home visit , a home visit would be much better for both parties as they could finally see just how much a pathetic and limited life I live

    So I'll call them tomorow etc to see if this letter has altered their decision

    If it doesn't and they still insist I go, am I right to think that I can cancel and postpone the assessment date once?

    Cheers folks

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    Hi we are all in the same boat, sometimes I think without a paddle.
    My ESA was stopped by Atos back in 2013 and after Doctor did a report, was reinstated on high rate after 3 months of worry.
    Then in February had another home assessment which I didn't ask for, so someone must have looked at something,from a paramedic and guess what here we go again, car due to go back after 11 months this time, last time was 3, DLA was indefinite back then, Atos have a mind of their own, stats and figures and money. Shame we all can't get together and do a massive complain!
    Wish you well in all this, try not to think it's only you as it's not, they don't seem to care who they do it to.

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