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Thread: I am not getting my ESA

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    I am not getting my ESA

    Hello,I was getting ESA until july 2016,then it was stopped after my assessment as they said I was fit to work. I did appeal against that desicion and I won the appeal with the tribunals last december. I was receiving the basic payment but it has been stopped since the beginning of march,I called the DWP and they said they are investigating me as they think I've been working which is no true ( I am a disabled person,unable to go out on my own,I don't understand how can they assume such a thing).
    What can I do to get back my ESA?. do I need to go to the citizen advice,I don't know what to do.Can anyone please give an advice?.
    Thank you.

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    Welcome to the Dwp- where you're guilty until proven innocent.

    Call your MP, and yes go and see CAB. They should be able to help you speed this up a bit. If you haven't been working then it hopefully should be resolved soon.

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    They have probably received a phone call from someone that is jealous of you getting benefits - at least that is quite often the case.

    For just this reason, I tell absolutely no one that I am in receipt of any benefits.

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    I've been reported twice for working in a pub whilst claiming ESA.

    Of course I wasn't working, just pulled a couple of pints for the mates while the landlady was busy.
    (I did live in a pub for 10 years, and ended up sort of managing it (long story), and everyone round here knows it).

    Like sky says, a bit of jealousy combined with "all people on benefits are scroungers" TV programmes.

    If you have not been doing anything wrong then its usually soon sorted out.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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    Thank you very much for your advice.

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    You might be right.Thank you.

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