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    RAC Trailer Cover

    Anyone who tows a caravan with their Motability car (or any other type of trailer, I suppose) will know that the RAC cover which comes with the car only covers the car and not any trailer being towed. This can impact in two ways: firstly the RAC will not respond to any incident initiated by the trailer (like puncture, brake failure, etc.) and secondly if you have a serious problem with the car which requires the car to be recovered, then the RAC will only recover the car! Getting the trailer back home will be "your problem".

    My wife and I tow a caravan with her Motability car, and for years we have got around this problem by buying a "Caravan Extension" membership from the RAC for about £38 per year, but in January this year the RAC wrote to me saying that they were no longer offering this policy. I rang around all the alternative providers (AA, Caravan Club, Green Flag, etc) to see if they had a similar product, but without success. So yesterday, more in desperation than in hope, I rang the RAC again to see if they had changed their minds - and discovered that they have!

    But the details have changed. Whereas previously you took out a policy and renewed it annually on the anniversary of the day you took it out, now there is a standard policy term which tuns from April to April. So if you renew half-way through the year, your policy will still end in April, and the cost has now risen to £70 per year. But the really sneaky rule is that the policy is now vehicle-specific. So if you take out a policy in April, and change your Motability car before the following April, your new vehicle will not be covered unless you take out a NEW policy for the new vehicle - which will end the following April regardless of when you take the policy out. So during the year in which you change vehicles, you will pay £140 - a big jump from the previous £38.

    I have only just changed vehicles so I have taken the policy out this time, but I will continue to look for an alternative.

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    70 quid not bad though

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    When there are very few products on the market there is little competition to keep prices low.

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