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    ESA Assessment

    In March 2014, I was placed in the support group indefinitely. I now have to go for another assessment next month as the DWP are adamant that the orginal award was for three years only. I still have the letter from March 2014 which I have copied and sent to the DWP first class signed for.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

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    They are at liberty to reassess you any time they choose, unfortunately.

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    All ESA awards are 'ongoing' - meaning that they do not have any end date (unlike PIP that has a set date at which payments end).

    Once you are awarded ESA then the only way it can be ended is if you are later reassessed as fit-for-work.
    (Or found guilty of benefit fraud or siilar).

    However, every ESA award is subject to periodic reassessment to make sure that you still qualify, and to see if you are still in the right group.

    Usually you will have to have a reassessment at least every 3 years, sometimes more often than that.
    It does not mean that your ESA is ending, just that they want to check you again.

    So the answer is - Yes your award is 'indefinite' but you do have to have reassessments, everybody on ESA does.

    It may seem a bit pedantic but 'Indefinite' does not mean 'Forever'.
    The dictionary definition of 'Indefinite' is - "Lasting for an unknown or unstated length of time."
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    Thanks for your responses.

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    My awards used to say ''for life'' or something like that, I always had a feeling that would change at some point in time and it did.

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