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Thread: Pip Assessor's Report - Really Angry

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    Pip Assessor's Report - Really Angry

    So I received my assessor's report in the post this morning and it amounts to no more than 1 side of A4 of inaccurate information. I have severe anxiety, and I sent in lots of medical evidence from my psychiatrist and GP. First of all the assessor keeps referring to my psychiatrist as a psychologist and hasn't even used the most recent evidence submitted by my GP which Capita requested themselves. She makes hardly any mention of the fact that my face to face assessment had to be terminated due to me being so distressed. What she has written about my mobility does not correspond with the box she's ticked (prompting). I could go on and on. It's a very shoddy assessment littered with grammatical and factual errors. Based on this assessment I have 5 points for care and 2 for mobility, so no award.

    How can I find out my assessor's medical credentials? Based on what they've written I cannot believe they have any mental health or medical training whatsoever. Feeling really angry and upset. But I've also got plenty of ground for a MR or appeal.

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    Step 1, MR, followed by step 2, Tribunal. Don't give up, fight it all the way.
    Call me Mike.

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    I sympathise with you because exactly the same thing happened to me last August at which point they terminated my PIP payments as the Atos "Health Professional" scored me 0 and 0 - poked holes throughout the Atos "Health Professionals" report as it was also littered with inaccuracies but my Mandatory Reconsideration was rejected and had to wait 8 months for a Tribunal Hearing - even with evidence submitted from my GP, Support Worker and friends they upheld he original decision as they scored me 2 and 2 - under the advice from the CAB I've just made a new claim for PIP and been told to ask my GP to write me a letter referencing the relevant descriptors where points are awarded - it is a wholly unfair and demeaning way in how they are treating people and there should be a way we should e allowed to know of the credentials of these assessors if they are making such important decisions to our well being.

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    If you can afford the subscription benefits and work have a very good members guide to taking apart the assessment .I could not believe the report by the HP I had last year have reported her to ATOS and The nursing and midwifery council Have my appeal next month .If you know the name of the assessor you can go online to look at their qualifications Mine listed a series of muscular examinations which never happened even mentioned that I was able to get on and off a bed .The interview room used had no bed and I have been able to prove this I wrote to the centre who had a record of the room used confirmingthat there is no bed in that room ..Unbelievable how they get away with it .

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    I've already made notes of things I'd like to challenge. I couldn't believe how badly written the report was. As an ex-teacher, bad grammar really irritates me, and it just reads like a sloppy and lazy student essay with all the mistakes I would come across time and time again. It doesn't strike me as something an educated professional would write. What has annoyed me more than anything is that she kept saying I was on a 'moderate' dose of medication. It was in the medical evidence I sent it that I was previously on a very high dose of this medication and a side effect can be heart failure. I had serious heart problems several years ago after being on a high dose of this medication and had to be referred to a cardiologist and have tests done. It's really insensitive to suggest I should be on higher dose of what potentially is a dangerous medication, and once again, very unprofessional from a so-called health care professional.

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    Sorry you've had this result, I had a poor assessment and outcome back in January, and yes it's distressing and infuriating. Have you requested an MR? I did and failed but after starting an appeal my claim was reinstated before it reached court. Don't give up, go to CAB for help with MR. The assessor I had scored me 0 on all discriptors, I wrote a seperat complaint about her to capita and sent a copy to DWP. My copy of report listed her as a mental health nurse, have you requested a copy of the report for MR?
    Good luck, fight it

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    I'm waiting on receiving the official letter from DWP, but have already been drafting my MC paperwork. The assessor has made mistakes with the assessment, she never even met me face to face. The nurse that did was a mental health nurse, but unfortunately she had to terminate the assessment after 15 minutes as I was so distressed. The nurse who did my paper assessment is based in N.Ireland and is listed as just a nurse as far I can tell. The strange thing is she admits I have problems planning, making and following the route of a journey and I can't drive or use public transport, and need my partner to take me to the supermarket. Yet she's ticked the box for prompting, 4 points. There's no way I can go out anywhere on my own, familiar or unfamiliar with just prompting! i can't even go to unfamiliar places with my partner just prompting me. Her logic is back to front!

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    I have anxiety. Sorry to hear about this. I had similar report. Disheartening to say the least.
    Would you mind sharing what they call your 'moderate' dose of meds?
    I had similar comment, ' not a therapeutic dose for DEPRESSION' I'm not depressed never said I was!!
    Not sure I can go on with an MR and an appeal.
    Unbelievable that PIP is conducted so unprofessionally and sloppy, report sentences made no sense, no punctuation. Agree it was how a lazy student might present a bad essay.

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    unfortunetly with mental heath there is no scan that will make our difficulties 100% indisputable, and we face a constant battle to argue our points to the DWP. My own pip report shown no problems with mental health and 0 points. this was overruled at tribunal.

    Like yourself, ive recently had a copy of an assessment report. mine for ESA. Again factually inaccurate and shows great incompetence of the assessors. apparently ive recently developed autism as an adult.

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    I advise you to write a MR letter post haste and make sure you list every single point the assessor has made in their report and how it conflicts with actual evidence of your illness - how your illness affects you - how this therefore means you meet the descriptor; make sure you list each descriptor and don't be afraid to go into detail; go into as much detail as you want!!! Even if you revisit the same descriptors again it doesn't matter.

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