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Thread: Feel Like Giving Up

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    Feel Like Giving Up

    Just phoned the DWP and my PIP claim has been turned down as expected. But I'm feeling really down and feel like giving up. The problem is my issues are mental health related and I only meet 3 descriptors on the form. I was completely honest and didn't try and exaggerate my condition so I meet more descriptors. In the care section I meet the descriptors of managing medication and engaging face to face, and in mobility planning and following journeys. The problem is I need to get the maximum points on the engaging with people face to face which I've heard the DWP aren't willing to give you. I can't engage with people face to face and I don't know how I can prove this. I had an PIP assessment at home with my partner and I got so distressed it had to be terminated. Then I had a paper assessment stating all I needed was social support, but I had that at my assessment and still couldn't cope.

    I've written out a MR letter stating how I meet theses descriptors but I'm just feeling so disheartened right now. Because of my mental health problems, I spend most of my life on my own at home with my own thoughts. PIP's already had a massive impact on my mental health. I don't know who much more I can take.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Unfortunately, it appears to be a common tactic, that of wearing claimants down and discouraging any attempt to move on.

    As in your case, even interacting with their HP, someone who is supposed to trained to deal with people with a variety of conditions, could not be managed. In a way they are contradicting themselves, they have proved you cannot manage, then in the next breath say you can. That included having someone there, experiences in your specific situation, who aided you in the situation, thus you had 'social support'.

    With this support and the experienced HP, you were still unable to cope, in a socially acceptable way, not saying you, threatened them or anything, just that they were there to assess you, but you could not cope with this.

    So from the experience of the HP, the minimum should be 4 points in this activity. Then 4 or 8 points for communicating verbally, from what you have indicated.

    I know my words will not change the mind of the HP/DWP, just that I appreciate your situation, gone through the similar myself. Could not function for months following the assessment, reports etc.

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    I know exactly how you feel Belljar
    I am in a similar position - I'm like you, I don't go out of the house unless I am accompanied by my husband, maybe once a month for an hour at most before I'm forced back home by anxiety. Been like this a couple of years now but it's getting worse, hence my first ever claim.
    Haven't claimed anything before, from anywhere, not worked since I had PND and that was 15 years ago, but my husband supports me in full financially. I'm fine indoors with my husband and children but I have social anxiety and health anxiety, anything outside of the home I crumble.
    I too had similar HP's report to yours. 'Not affected majority of days' was one phrase in it. A snapshot observation!
    Oh yes I am affected! Every day!
    I, like you, don't feel I can go on with this. I so want to though, on principle if nothing else! My anxiety is worsening as a result of all this. I'm angry at the not fit for purpose system
    Chin up x

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    So sorry you are going through this but please try and stay strong.

    Do you have any support other than your partner ? I realise that it must be near impossible for you to get help when you cannot engage with people. You are not alone, it is relatively easy for people with physical issues to prove their case but without being in your head it is hard to understand what you are going through. If you can get specialist support from your GP or other organisation it might help.

    It may also be worth involving your MP, somebody has to champion the many people in your situation and force the DWP to acknowledge the debilitating effects that mental health has on being able to function. In many ways, being stuck at home, unable to socialise can be more of a disability than some physical conditions.

    Believe in yourself, you are entitled to help, just the same as anyone else. Even if you cannot meet people face to face, you can get support on here. Instead of letting them put you down, become a champion for yourself and take the fight to them, you have everything to gain. You could be the person that gets justice for everyone in your situation. Make this a new purpose in life, write letters, send emails, talk to people on the phone. Become a bloody nuisance until people listen to you and understand.
    I wish you all the best

    Anything expressed is my opinion only and is offered in good faith. It is either from my own experiance or what I have learned on my journey. Take it for what it is or leave it alone. With best wishes D.

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    Understand your situation have been going through some sort of hell myself for the last eight months .The assessors have too much power and as we all know the DWP just rubber stamp the HP report .What I have found useful is a site called benefits and work this is a link to them .I had to pay a subscription but it has been worth it .It enabled me to pick apart the medical report from the face to face .the report is an utter discrace and I have reported this assessor to the Nursing and midwifery council .My appeal is onthe 17th of this month .It isvery difficult to dealwith this situation when you are depressed there are a lotof people who this has happened to and do understand .Sometimes just making lists helps a good idea is to makea diary then you can see for yourself how your everyday is affected because sometimes you loose sight of what a normal day for most people is like ( I can go days without washing as I am so tired and depressed and house bound ) not nice but true and a lot of my meds have side effects eg poor concentration .I think a lot comes down to the assessment you had .

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    Stressybessie how are you doing have noticed we have posted replies on the same subject

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    Hi Barbara. Thanks for asking, I'm bearing up but not really coping. Glad I can post on here, I think my husband must be sick to death of me talking about all this. That's all I would need, his removing his support. Not that it's likely as he is great but I'm mindful of how reliant I am on him.
    How's you? x

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    Good post above, Barbara. ^^^^ (Didn't see it before I replied above. )
    I did look at that site and wondered if the advice they want you to pay for is worth it, and not available by researching independently. I am reasonably intelligent and can research competently so wasn't sure - so you do think it has been worthwhile?
    I may well give it a go.

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    The B&W site is pretty good and would give you an insight on how to look at your M/H a little differently and so enabling you to answer the questions more effectively.
    Nothing ventured - and all that
    Good luck x
    Sea Queen

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    Sea queen is right it helps just to get things in order and this site helps with that .What I found useful was some of the answers describing how to reply to the points awarded by the assessor .just to see something in writing helps you formulate your own replies when putting in a MR or appeal because its just so difficult to actually write things down in a concise manner that conveys your situation to the decision maker at the DWP .I think we could all probably write a small book on this subject .What we need is a template for mandatory reconsideration and appeals something simple and step by step .Just dont let this consume you you will be up and down during the process its not you its the system its just rotten .you should get the help that you are entitled

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