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Thread: Parking charges (free)

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    Parking charges (free)

    This from our local paper

    A spokeswoman said: “At Sizewell Beach car park, holders of a valid blue badge currently get two hours free parking but should still take a free ticket from the machine, so that the patrolling inspector can see the time they arrived and base the free time on this.
    Surely common sense tells the inspector that the time card displayed with the blue badge gives the arrival time?

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    Well at least the tickets free down here in Kent blue badge holders have to pay 2 pound at hospitals to park now !!!!!

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    That's cheaper than here, minimum for University Hospital Durham is £2.50, last year disabled parking was free

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    Well up here all Parking at Hospitals is FREE. I am glad I live in Scotland as we also get FREE Prescriptions.
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    And no doubt OP wants to park in the middle of the roadway too?

    It all boils down to this. It's the rules and regulations that the council have for this car park.

    No doubt they use the number of tickets issued and what type of ticket is issued from the vending machine for analysis.

    Each council has their own set of rules.


    In East Lindsey I can park for double the time I've paid for providing I'm parked in a disabled bay.

    However, I only get an extra 30 minutes if I park in Boston.

    You've just got to have a look at the regulations each time to go into a car park

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    I can't see a problem with this. DLA/PIP is to pay for things like this, be grateful.
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    It's not a problem normally and I probably would not complain but having had to go through a 100 and 1 more tests this week and some next that's 20 out the window.. I know it's not possible but I could of done all in 3 days stay. But no over 10 days suppose it could be worse and scattered at different hospitals

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    Councils are becoming less generous with free blue badge parking. Some now charge all, including nil disabled.

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    Try living in Bassetlaw council area Retford especially.Very few blue badge parking bays and the car park charges are ridiculous.Bassetlaw hospital have hardly any BB bays and even the staff have to pay parking charges.

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    The two NUH hospitals in Nottingham charge staff to park as well.
    Patients pay,

    0-15 minutes - free
    16 minutes to 1 hour - £2
    1-2 hours - £4
    2-4 hours - £5
    More than four hours - £6

    Call me Mike.

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