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Thread: wet room

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    Definately is worth applying, we were told on the phone by someone at the council that we probably wouldn't get any changes to bathroom as we are privately renting. But as we know our landlord really well, we knew we wouldnt have a problem so persisted.
    We had first assesment in April and our wet room is starting on the 17th July. Was really surprised at how quickly it has all gone. Hubby cannot wait to be able to go in a shower again!

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    Whats the worst that can happen if they say no.At least you will of tried.

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    I have a funeral to attend tomorrow
    Must travel quite far
    Could really do with some washing facilities,but have only the kitchen sink,which faces the front street,and my blind broke a couple of weeks back
    New one arrived today,but no one to put it up till weekend
    Have to go to swimming baths to use shower

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    Quote Originally Posted by barbiejane View Post
    Whats the worst that can happen if they say no.At least you will of tried.
    That's easy to answer. The worst that can happen is that the bits of your body you can no longer reach due to your disability whilst either standing or sitting at a sink will remain unwashed and you start to smell.


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    Have had text this morning to say that fitter cannot make today,due to personal reasons
    Do hope job does not run into next week ?

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    Am delighted with my new wet room
    My son likes it too
    The only slight issue is the gloss paint,although white when done,has gone a horrible yellow already.
    This is because the bathroom has no window,and you shouldn't use iloil based gloss in a room with little or no daylight
    I couldn't afford to buy my own tiles,so have the white ones offered,but they broke it up with a mosaic border in pink/mauve/ gold
    I chose a pink floor and treated myself to a pink glitter toilet seat
    I have tarted it up with pink bits and prices
    The shower has very simple controls and works like a dream
    I will try to upload a photo
    When the man broke bits of mosaic border,he just dropped them on the floor,so I collected them and stuck them round my mirror,making a matching frame

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    Got a letter from the council this morning saying the grant has been approved (strange as they told me that weeks ago).

    No start date but someone will be in touch.

    Having nothing much better to do I went over the drawings they sent of the proposed layout ...... not good at all

    They're putting the shower area along one of the side walls with the shower facing into the centre of the room, they're going to move the bathroom door 4cm to the right to increase the space, this will be difficult as that side of the door is at 90 degrees to the bedroom door right next to it with no room to move it anywhere!.

    They've also given me a very small area to shower, imagine a rectangle 1.7m long by .8m wide, one of the 1.7m sides is a wall, the shower is to be fitted in the middle of the wall facing away from it towards the centre of the room, the opposite 1.7m side will be a curtain. This leaves me .8m to get the shower seat into, facing the wall and shower fitting with the curtain behind me.

    Sitting as I am now from the back of my chair to my knees is .78m so basically with my back against the curtain my feet will be sticking into the wall!, putting the chair the other way round with the back against the wall the shower will spray water over me and miss me completely, I'd also have the shower curtain over my knees and feet!.

    They also can't measure, adding up their drawings dimensions the back wall comes out at 2m, the front wall comes out at 2.13m so somehow one of my walls has mysteriously became 13cm longer than it was before!, I've double checked by measuring and they are both 2m

    So, my cunning plan is twofold,

    1. Offer their planners guide dog some biscuits.

    2. Ask them to put the shower on one of the short sides facing down the shower area longways, that way I can get the chair in the middle with the wall on one side and the curtain on my other facing towards the water flow. Doing it the way they have it (apart from the lack of space) both ends of the shower area would be unused and just wasted space, at least my way I have enough room to get my legs and feet in .

    Onwards and upwards I hope

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    Got a call back from the planning people, someone is coming out this morning between 10-11am, he looked at the drawing and can't see why they laid it out the way they have.

    Well that was quick, he's just been

    Had a look, whipped out his measuring tape and couldn't work out why it'd been done that way!, he's going to re-plan it and send me a copy, looking at changing the shower to a different wall and moving the toilet as well.
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    My mother in law had a wet room fitted a few years ago. The previous tenant in her sheltered flat had replaced the bathroom at his own expense, and it was all modern units and full tiled including floor with some nice tiles (and an expensive comfortable loo seat that I fitted). All that they needed to do was to remove the shower unit, fit a new shower and connect the waste pipes to a floor drain and pump. They ripped the whole lot out and dumped it, and started again with the bog standard (apologies for the bad pun) ceramics. The toilet even has a separated cistern connected with a pipe, and the most cheap and floppy loo seat. As mentioned above, plain white tiles.

    About a year later the housing association decided to rewire the flat. They put blanking plates on all of the socket outlets, and put new wires in conduits all over, with surface mounted sockets and switches. They replaced the light fittings with ones that have a non-standard bulb fitting to force you to use low energy (ie. low light output) bulbs, and replacement bulbs are about £6-£10 each, when you can find anyone who stocks them.

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    Sounds about right Keith, they made a real mess of re-wiring our previous house, fed a 10mm twin & earth shower cable down the front of the wall and cut a hole in the top of the shower unit for it to go through, didn't even bother sealing the hole!. I asked why they didn't feed it down the cavity in the wall like the existing cable ............... "the hole in the wood beam isn't big enough for it to fit through" I did ask if he'd heard that drills had been invented about 35,000 BC and just got a blank look.

    Mind you, this was the same "electrician" who laid power cables on top of my boarded loft floor and then drilled a hole through it to feed to the smoke detector on the ceiling below, perfectly good joist running next to it, all he had to do was take out 4 screws and lift the board and put it back.

    I kicked him out of the house after one particularly shocking (pun intended!) bit of work, I asked if was aware of the current (another pun!) BS 7671 regulations when he fitted the new standard light fitting inside the zone 2 area, he said he'd never heard of them!!.

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