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Thread: PIP, Council Tax and relatives.

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    PIP, Council Tax and relatives.


    I am hoping someone can advise on council tax benefit.
    I am a bit confused if my parents have to pay it.
    My Dad is on PIP Daily care component.
    My Brother and Sister live in the same property, and both their incomes are around £22,000 per annum.

    The Sandwell Council Guide states regarding Non-Dependents deductions from council tax reduction:

    58.6 No deduction shall be made in respect of non-dependents occupying an applicants dwelling if the applicant or his/her partner is -

    c. the daily living component of personal independence component of PIP.

    I am very grateful to this website and contributors as it has helped me very much.

    Once again Thank You for any help in advance.

    Do my parents need to pay Council Tax or do my Brother and sister? I am confused?

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    all households on benefits have an (applicable amount)sometimes written as (the law says you need £xx to live on).

    your parents income is counted and for every pound over the applicable amount 65% is claimed back by the council.

    so for example if you parents household applicable amount is £100 but they actually get £110 they would have to pay £6.50 in rent/tax.

    on to your siblings now, normally non dependent children reduces the household applicable amount (not sure of figure) but as your dad is on pip there will be no non dependent reduction.

    depending on the applicable amount, your parents income, they will have to pay rent/tax.

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    Pip doesn't come into it it's not a benefit that gets calculated into income for rent or poll tax. try this site might help

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    Quote Originally Posted by freedomeagle View Post
    Pip doesn't come into it it's not a benefit that gets calculated into income for rent or poll tax. try this site might help
    I didnt say that it did, but pip/dla does come into it, when you have non dependents living there you are expected to pay more, and being in receipt of pip/dla stops that.

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    Who is home owner? Or if rented, whose name is on the tenancy? They are the APPLICANT referred to in the spiel from Sandwell.
    i have dealt with them before - Mom used to live there.

    It is the APPLICANT who pays - although if someones earning and living there, they should cough up to help cover it.

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    Hello thank you for the replies,

    The house is owned by dad and mom and they are on ESA income related with dad in support group.

    Dad gets pip care component.

    So does the onus to pay pass onto adult children? I am just try to figure out what the laws says?

    Thank You!

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    Since the house is owned by dad and mum then they have the liability to pay the council tax.

    Usually any council tax reduction takes into account any non dependants living in the house

    BUT since dad is receiving PIP care component no non dependent deductions will happen.

    In effect it is as if there were no non dependants living there.

    Since the dad and mum are on income based ESA they will be entitled to council tax reduction. The amount varies from council to council. You can check what percentage they will pay on their council website.

    So, for instance, if they have to pay £20 a month council tax (after deductions for being on income based ESA) then this is their liability,
    not the adult children
    The council tax bill will be in their names (or one name but both are liable)

    Presumably the children would be giving money to the parents for their 'keep'.

    The parents cannot make the adult children pay the council tax bill as it is not their liability, but, of course, they can ask for more money if the adult children are not contributing sufficient! and
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    Hello all,

    Thank You for your help,

    Just to update all, if one the main claimants is on PIP daily care component then non dependent deductions should not be made from any council tax reduction.

    I have received a letter explaining this, also an apology, after raising a formal complaint.

    As this is the third time I have to raise a complaint to resolve issues, ie a mentally ill member of the family has moved two addresses on each move they stopped current council tax reduction and said a brand new application was required.

    They sent a court summons to a person suffering from paranoia, even after the full amount requested was paid.
    Then they obtained a liability order from the court for a different amount saying they going to send bailiffs to collect debts unless payment is made in 14 days.

    In the apology letter it states that after the payment of the original amount the summons was removed promptly but in reality the court date happened and a liability order has been received for the different amount. I have paid full outstanding. I will have to claim back overpayment now.

    I feel this is not good enough and as I have spent a lot of time this year resolving straight forward issues and threatening letters have been sent to two relatives suffering from paranoia (one severely where crisis teams have been involved).

    I feel the service has let us down and we should be compensated for wasted time and effort.
    Also from the stress they have caused. I am planning to take the complaint to second level, with evidence.

    Is compensation a reality? Otherwise many others are probably going through the same thing?

    Again Thank You for your help and look forward to responses.

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    Hello all,

    Thank You for previous responses.
    Maybe my last post was too lengthy. So I thought I would try again, as I am unsure whether to continue with complaint, as it can be stressful.

    Basically I have had to raise a formal complaint 3 times when council benefit reduction has been removed to get the issue resolved.

    After paying the requested amount a summons was still sent out to my mentally ill father, for another amount that was added later.

    I have been reassured the summons was quickly removed but the summons was dated 4 days later, three clear working days before it was sent.

    The court date went ahead for some reason and a liability order was issued for this second amount to my father who suffers from paranioa and he did not handle this well.

    I am worried about other people in the area, what if they have no one for support as in a large family. So feel like taking this further to second level of complaints procedure, then ombudsman if nothing is changed. I feel with compensation being given by Council they may be more careful in future.

    I am worried about the stress it may cause myself? What is the consensus on this forum.
    Should I let it go as I have three time before?

    Thank You in advance for your thoughts.

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    Having to pay compensation would not change a thing at the council.
    It would not even be noticed (or known about) by the people who made the wrong decision.

    If you want to try and change things then your elected councilors are the ones to bring this to the attention of.
    They will take notice as they want to be re-elected.

    The local press are always interested in starting campaigns about stories like this.
    Sells more papers for them.

    A press story/campaign reaches more people at the council who can actually do something about it.
    People who probably would know nothing about it otherwise.
    I'm intelligent enough to know that I don't know everything.
    But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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