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Thread: PIP appeal humiliating demeaning stripped of all dignity

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    PIP appeal humiliating demeaning stripped of all dignity

    I went to my PIP appeal today if my daughter had not been with me I would have just walked out

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    What happened to make you feel like that?

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    Please share what happened .. Hope u r ok

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    So sorry to hear that, if necessary I shall be going through Appeal process. I will have trouble going in never mind staying in.

    Hope you are feeling a bit better now.


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    Barbara I hope you're okay.

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    I had to sit in a room with five strangers and discuss my mental illness and intimate bodily functions .Why should anybody have to be put through that it is a disgrace .I was on DLA middle rate living and lower rate mobility INVITED to claim PIP awarded nil points by incompetent ATOS assessor lost DLA pension credit and council tax benefit and my heart condition and mental health have been deteriorating and I have other illnesses (the chemist delivers my prescriptions in a carrier bag ).So just to demonstrate awarded nil points in September last year .Had home assessment 8th June awarded preparing food 2 eating drinking 4 managing treatments 1 washing and bathing 2 managing toilet needs 2 dressing undressing 2 mixing with other people 2 making budgeting decisions 2 total 17 Mobility awarded 10 Now points awarded 17th June by appeal tribunal Preparing food 2 washing and bathing 2 dressing and undressing 2 points engaging with other people 2 points and nothing for mobility total 8 points .This just demonstrates how ludicrous this benefit is the chap who awarded me the higher points was a fully qualified psychiatric nurse further making me believe that people with mental illness are put at an unfair advantage .I has taken me a day to recover from the ordeal

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    If I understand right. in Septerber 2016 you had an assessment which you scored 0 points and appealed this. You then made a new claim, You had a home assessment on June 8th for which you scored 17 for DL and 10 for mobility. Your appeal from 2016 was still open which took place on June 17th and awarded you 8 points DL.
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    Hi David yes the new claim for which I have been awarded 17 points daily living and 10 points mobility is from the 6th of Jan and awarded until 7th June 2021 the appeal was for the period 26th October 2016 to I assume the 5th January 2016 .I needed to appeal firstly because i wanted the benefit pip and not just The AA as this does not have the mobility .I turned 65 on the 20th of December .I cannot see any reason why the appeal should affect the award of benefit from the 6th of January as I was appealing for an earlier date even though the appeal was not heard until this week .By the way only learnt by phone last week that my new claim had been awarded

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    That's correct;

    The appeal was only about the original decision and so only for the period from 26 Oct 2016 until any award on the new claim.

    When the new award was made from 6 Jan 2017 it overruled any previous decision (including any appeal) as from 6 Jan 2017.

    So the new award still stands as from 6 Jan, whatever the appeal outcome was.
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    I hope you are right but would not put anything on the DWP not messing it all up again

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