Hi all

Today I had my ESA Tribunal.

However, it didn't go ahead as I had a panic attack @ the start and it was adjourned due to this. The judge's comments were beyond horrific - my father passed away 2 months ago and she stated 'it was quite some time ago' like it still shouldn't affect me psychologically any more and that 'I need to bring my own paper bag in case I have panic attack @ the next hearing'!!! I want to lodge a formal complaint but I fear that will go even further against me.

I am disgusted at these comments; due to them treating me like this, I believe that my case has literally no chance (total kangaroo court massively stacked against me) and that the DWP are gunning to take my benefits away in whatever way they can.

I have tried to get some support with my case - the Citizen's Advice have had there resources cut so can no longer help with this. I am literally on my own with no support and I really don't know what else to do now.

Any thoughts at all?