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Thread: Esa ( 24 hours )

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    Esa ( 24 hours )

    Hi just rang maximum to see if there had my daughter claim they said got today but it now been sorted and sent back to dwp is this normal to do this in a day turn around

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    That's pretty fast.

    But from what you have previously told us about the very strong supporting evidence you had sent, then I was expecting your daughters case to be clear cut and decided quickly, in her favour, on paperwork only.
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    I thought it was quick , can't see them saying no on paperpase least it's seems sorted

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    Mine was returned within 6 days, and two were the weekend, if it's clear cut they will be quick, I'm in the support group till 2019, but get my pension next year.

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    Cheers , so guess you did not need a medical , was shocked reading some storeys on here

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    Didn't need a f2f, paper assessment.

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    That's good , happy it's been quick my daughter just have to wait for dwp

    How long did you wait for dwp to do there bit

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    Not sure as I got a letter in April about 2 weeks after it was returned, but I thought it was the yearly letter, doh, so I burned it! Rang Maximus beginning if July and they told me it had been returned quickly and that I should ring the DWP for the results as I should have heard from them. So I did and was told the decision and they sent me the copy of the assessment report, I was in the support group under the mobility descriptor with a reassessment in April 2019, but, unless they change it again, I get my pension next year.

    Good luck, hope your daughter gets the right result, so you both can relax.

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    Thanks maximas sent the report back to dwp the caller read parts out its says review in the longer term no idea that means her last report said medium term

    Will she get payments of esa to there sort it out at the dwp she been support group two years

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    Yes she will keep her payments till the decision is made, it sounds very favourable, mine is the longer term too.

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