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    IB to ESA

    In reply to my post about esa i recieved the standard letter informing me of the changeover and as it said they didnt have my phone number i should ring them within seven days so i did. WHY they do this i dont know but after getting cut off ,ringing back and waiting and waiting i got a lady on the phone who just asked me what i had previously told the first person and then went on to explain that someone would ring me in the next couple of weeks to EXPLAIN the letter and the changeover and i should be sent the esa50 a couple of weeks later.So you have to wonder why they dont just send the info out in the first letter and save us all the worry.
    Now i suppose my questions here are how long from the first call did it take for anyone to recieve the actual explanation call? How long after that call did the esa50 arrive and how long after sending the damn thing back did you recieve notification of a decision.
    It helps to have some idea of this so finances can be planned for the eventual loss of benefit we all know is more than likely to happen,although we all hope for the best.Thanks sickofem.....ALL already....

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    My own experience with this was that after 2 weeks I phoned them again and got a supposed 2nd Esa50 sent out. After I had sent back in the form I phoned again after 6 weeks and got a full explanation over the phone. The letter confirming what the lady told me arrived not long after that. I also found that during the so called explanation that most of the information on the form had not been entered onto the computer file. When the lady input the rest of it after finding the original claim form it changed the outcome from refusal to unable to work ever. So when they do phone or you phone them make sure they have all of your medical conditions on the computer file .

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    Hello. When you say you phoned them after you sent the esa50 back do i take it that they gave you a positive decision there and then over the phone and then you got a letter confirming it BUt if you hadnt phoned them then due to them not entering the correct details from the second form then you would have had a negative one??? I tell yer its a right bloody muddle this...

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