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Thread: ESA medical Wed 16th May 2012

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    ESA medical Wed 16th May 2012

    Hi all -I've got a medical for esa tomorrow - I'm a recovering gambling addict living in accomodation provided by a Gambling rehab..
    I spent 3 months in the rehab and now in a 'halfway-house' continuing 'relapse prevention'. Prior to rehab I was living in a tent for 2 years(technically homeless) -
    I'm concerned about the medical as I don't yet feel ready and prepared to go back on JSA - any advice anyone?

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    I am not sure on this one. I would seek advice from those who have been supporting you through this. It seems like you have come a long way with help, which is great, but you need someone to help advise you on it. I am not even sure if your situation would allow you to claim ESA.
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    Thanks for the response. I have been in receipt of ESA for 16 weeks now since Jan 24 - gambling is now treated as any other addiction with all the same mental traits - I'm wondering how long after the medical a decision will be made too

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    Hi Sommul, my atos medical for ESA is also today and I wish you the best of luck fiding the right benefit for your situation, I for one am very scared, this will be my third ATOS medical in three years and I've heard some of the questions are ridiculous, however my situation which led to me being awarded the first time hasn't changed, due to the benefits system shake ups I firmly believe something bad will happen to me, I can barely walk, I suffer bi-polar depression, severe anxiety and massive panic attacks and hve problems conversing with people unless it's on the net as I don't have to look at them or be llooked at - who in thier right mind will give me a job if i fail this?

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    I just wanted to wish you both good luck at the ESA medical, and I really hope you both have a postive outcome.

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    I see Sim, then hopefully you will be fine on this.
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    Hi,just wishing you all the best of luck.!

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