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    I run a health forum with some others and on there i did a little subject about getting help with health costs. although there are many who know about this help i was surprised at just how many are unaware about the NHS schemes available.

    If you are on benefits or not and are struggling with the costs of medications, treatments such as dental, glasses, appliances or even struggling with the costs of getting to your treatment then there is still help out there.

    For those on low incomes you can get something called a HC1 form, if you are entitled then you will be given a certificate for full help, it all boils down to circumstances.

    below is a link which might help those struggling to meet the costs of treatments :-


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    Morning Mikey,
    Yes and if your like say diabetic you will get this HC1 and also there is HC2 as well.
    I was told about this from my Diabetic Nurse.

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    morning forum,

    i have just been asked about help with NHS costs again so for anyone out there struggling with paying for medications, dental, glasses and so on there are different NHS schemes available.

    For those with certain medical conditions you can be exempt from paying for prescriptions however this scheme does not cover glasses, dental etc which i found out.

    for those who are wanting exemption from paying for medications the telephone number to ring for advice is 0845 601 8076 (when you apply your doctor must sign the form and it is them who then send it back)

    For those who are looking for help with all costs such as medications, glasses, dental, help with getting to treatment then the NHS runs a low income scheme and the telephone number for this is 0845 610 1112 (please note that this is purely based on individual circumstances)

    For those who think they don't fit under the above schemes then you can still save money by getting a PPCs. the telephone number is 0845 850 0030

    And for those who still need advice then you can ring 0845 850 1166


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