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Thread: Lower Back Pain.

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    Lower Back Pain.

    Hi. Is there anybody suffering from low back pain. I'm taking tramadol 100mgs x 3 times a day & co codamol 30/500 .

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    Mine was back to "manageable" but having taken my son out this morning I'm once again back to being in severe pain (no pun intended!).

    In my case I have two choices, take the meds (100mg Tramadol and 5ml of Oramorph 4 times a day) and have some pain relief but am then unable to drive or take a very reduced dosage with almost no effect and be able to go out.

    This afternoon it's the meds, I'll have to stop taking them after tomorrow mornings dose as I have to be out tomorrow evening.
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    Hi, I'm in a wheelchair through lower back problems. I've ended up on Fentanyl skin patches, although I certainly don't advise going down that route. My old GP put me on them without informing me of their addictive nature. I also take other pain relief too. I used to be on tramadol and codeine. Did me no good either.
    Have you had any scans such as MRI? They discovered I had Spondylitis in my spine. No cure for it unfortunately. If you don't know why it's happening you won't know if it can be treated.

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    I have codeine and tramadol
    I try to manage without when possible as both make me drowsy and the tramadol leaves me with a headache when it wears off
    What is the cause?

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    Well back here again, after about 10 days of severe lower back pain again I got to see one of our GP's this morning.

    Turns out I don't have osteoporosis (like my mum had really badly) I have a problem with my facet joints.

    Hopefully (??) says the GP it's just the osteoarthritis, have 2 bottles of Oramorph, get off your face on it for a few days and see how it goes!. If it hasn't eased off after the weekend come back in a week and she'll send me to the hospital to have someone give it a good look!.

    Meanwhile I've just had what I think was a reaction to the Oramorph, used it 6 moths ago with no problem (apart from the free sluggishness and feeling spaced), 10 mins after taking 10ml I start feeling cold, my face sweating & my hands shaking, ended up throwing up for about 15 mins twice!. Now it's all up I feel ok again apart from the pain which is still there, so 2 Tramadol I think this time followed by a strategically placed Bagpuss hot water bottle and we'll see how it goes!.

    So far today hasn't been one of my better ones!.
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    So much for OA, ended up with an ambulance this morning as the pain was so bad I couldn't walk or even stand. After they poked me they sat outside for almost an hour waiting for a doctor to ring them back!.

    Ended up in A&E Urgent Care, doctor said it was muscle spasms, gave me another 2 bottles of Oramorph and a box of Diazapam to take with it and the Tramadol!.

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