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    This isn't really Motoring but I was wondering if anyone else on here uses an electric bike?
    Before I got too bad we had an old Library Bus which we converted into a camper which we used for French holidays. To keep up with the wife & kids I bought an electric bike, it doesn't need pedaling at all and bombs along around 13mph for around 25 miles depending on the terrain.
    I used to have an 8mph scooter but got rid of it after being cruelly told they were for the 'overfed & nearly dead' meaning the obese or very elderly. That has stuck in my mind & I'd rather use a wheelchair now, anyway back to the bike. Whilst I love the feeling of riding along I couldn't do it unless I was with someone else as if it broke down I'd be totally knackered.
    Common sense tells me that as we'll never be able to afford a holiday again & our nearest shops are too far by bike it's a bit of a silly thing for a disabled 56 year old to keep but my inner Hell Angel says it not so daft, hence my question.

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    I know an old boy of 85 who uses his to go around the village in all weathers. Picture him bombing past all the cars being dug out of the snow 2 winters ago with a happy smile on his face.

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