Hey everyone,

I've not been on for a while but I'd just like to tell you a little story (so far) of my wife's recent ESA issues.

5 months ago, she had her esa50 drop through the door, obviously you all know how this feels, anyway I completed it and sent it back for her, along with good, important evidence, set out in an easily readable way. In that I stated that any f2f would be severely detrimental to her mental health.

A couple of months later, appointment at local centre arrives, so I call, email and write to them, clarifying my position and requesting it be looked at again in the hopes of no assessment being needed, it was passed to a 'senior assessor' who decided she still needed to be seen. At which point I requested a home visit (GP letter) which was eventually granted.

Roll on to 2 weeks ago. Home visit appointment through the post, my wife starts to prepare herself, the morning of the appointment (1.5h before) they call, cancelled. The mrs hits the roof, angry, frustrated and upset.

Appointment rearranged for this week (today), whilst on the phone to them about recording equipment (they were adamant it has to be a single device capable of 2 copies, yet couldn't quote anything where it states that) the woman informed me that it was now with a different assessor (the third assessor we had been told would come!?!) and that this assessor is a mental health 'champion' (I use the term extremely loosely)

Within 2 hours of that phone call, I get another one, informing me that she doesn't need to be seen and that her file has been returned to the DWP. I can see no other reason than the 'champion' looked at the evidence (which hadn't changed from the very beginning, no new evidence) and agreed with me that she doesn't need an f2f.

Needless to say, she is now in an extremely fragile state of mind and I'm extremely concerned for her safety, so I have asked our MP to step in and try to speed up the decision process, as I don't think she will last a possible 6 weeks.

So... as it's been over 5 years since we've had to do any ESA stuff:

what are the possible decisions that could be made?

Is there any action I can take against maximum for this obviously neglectful behaviour?