Hi, My Mum has recently been diagnosed with arthritis in her shoulder after over 3 years of misdiagnosis as frozen shoulder, which has resulted in severe muscle degeneration on the right side. She has mild cerebral palsy too, which can make balancing difficult at times (reaching/steps are out of the question). She had a fall a couple of months back and broke her collar bone. One of the real issues is opening high up/far back UPVc windows with locks as it is almost impossible now. On another forum someone shared a link to this https://www.abilitysuperstore.com/index.php/aids-for-indoors/other-aids-for-the-home/-/window-pull/284 , but it still doesn't over come having to depress the button. I was wondering if anyone here had any similar issues and hints or tips or advice on aides that can be used to both unlock and open windows?