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    Accessing OT

    Is anyone able to ask for an OT assessment through social work? I've been struggling with working in the kitchen, etc and was looking to get some advice, etc on aids. For example, my wrists hurt holding dishes, I keep losing grip and slicing my knuckles open when I'm grating things and I have trouble standing for more than a few minutes as my heart rate goes through the roof. Also, I have difficulties with my shoulders and can't reach above my head or behind my back without my shoulders popping out. This makes it impossible to do things like wash my hair and back, etc. I'm only 33 so I'm not sure if I can ask for an assessment or not.

    I did phone OT last October to ask for one and a man came out to the house. When I explained what my difficulties were he said he just dealt with aids and I'd need a full bathroom and kitchen assessment. I haven't heard anything since!

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    I phoned adult social services, which is part of my council, because various things (particularly in the kitchen) had become unmanageable. They sent an OT within a month or two, who did a whole big assessment especially the bathroom and kitchen, though I had long since obtained some of my own aids such as indoor/portable powerchair, pick-up stick, etc. and also been given some aids by an OT sent by the hospital when I was acutely ill. The council's OT also referred me for a powered wheelchair (she said it would be paid for) and a disabled facilities grant for ramps, though she did warn me it takes months for the referrals to come to anything.

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    Thanks. I was a bit reluctant to call because when I've phoned in the past for my nana it's been a hit and a miss on whether they're helpful or dismissive. I think it depends on who you get. I'll give it a try tomorrow though and hope for the best!

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    Phone up and keep at them. Most social services and overstretched and they take forever, but no excuse why you should give up. My social worker was aghast that I was using a garden chair in the shower, but OT still took months to bring a shower chair out. The list was that long.
    Explain you are in pain and keep injuring yourself and REALLY REALLY keep after them. It pays off.

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