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Thread: Help with esa please

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    Cheers tom,

    That seems to confirm what we are saying about this particular form being about CC matters.

    So it's odd that it should have been given out by a work coach in the jobcentre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nukecad View Post
    This is getting very odd.

    Are you sure that you have given the correct form number?
    And can I ask if you have had a sanction for not attending a Work Focused Interview?

    The only MF47 I can find is a form used during a 'Customer Compliance Interview', ie. when they suspect someone of benefit fraud and are interviewing them about it in person or on the phone.
    It can also sometimes be used to investigate if a sanction is correct.

    These forms are normally only available to the Customer Compliance Officers, and would be filled in at the interview not given to the claimant to take home.

    What was a Jobcentre Work Coach doing with one of these forms in the first place?
    She just said it’s a statement form I can fill in and send off to ask them to put me into the support group, i think it will just end up being sent as a new assessment and I’ll have to go through this whole process again don’t know if I can deal with all that again. The last thing she said to me is that she would be calling me every two months to save me coming in.

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    This was my very first wrag group interview

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    She did ask me if I think my condition had worsened and all I said is since my operation the other things like my other hip and back feel worse but that because the pain I had in my left hip is more resolved obviously I don’t have clicking in that joint now it just literally my other hip and back pain which were diagnosed ages ago, so my condition hasn’t got worse it’s just unresolved at the moment. That’s probably what that form was about I reckon

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