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    Help For People

    Hi All ,

    Thought id share some info for people who are really struggling to make ends meet , if you are on pip (no matter what award) , you can apply to have arrears paid off your gas and electric bills ,
    Also you can apply to have an appliance if you need one , like washing machine , cooker , fridge freezer etc brand new ,

    You will have to disclose ALL earnings proof of , you will need to have paper work handy to be able to upload when you apply ,
    So if you live with someone working it wont be successful , or if you have a lot of premiums on top of your benefit that goes over a certain amount ,

    I lived alone and My friend filled out a form for Me about 3 years ago and i remember my brother putting electric in my pre paid meter and saying "there is £130 credit on here" at the time i was in receipt of Esa income related and pip ,
    My friend who has a son she claims pip for and is on income support she herself lived with just herself and her children , she also recieved a brand new washing machine and she has a new appliance every year , this year she werent successful because she has her partner living with her ,

    The fund is called
    "EON Fund"
    Just type it into google ,i didnt want to post the link incase im not supposed to

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    You don't need to be on PIP any benefit will qualify, sometimes you don't need to be on any benefit at all just in 'hardship'.

    Various energy companies have a similar fund, and with some of them you don't even have to be with that particular company to apply.

    Here's a related thread from a couple of months ago where I got over £5,000 from the Scottish Power fund:£5k?
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