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Thread: Insurance for power chairs

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    Insurance for power chairs

    I'm getting a new chair and currently have a standard policy with Mark Bates and then, when I realised that didn'y cover electrical/mechanical extended warranty with Fish. I mean what happens most with power chairs....elcetrical and mechanical, aaaaargh!!

    So now doing some brain picking on other insurers and seeing whether you wheelie owners out there have any hot tips.

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    Just a few hours ago I broke down using the Lightdrive hybrid electric wheelchair at the Trafford Centre near Manchester.

    It was my own fault as I didn't charge the lithium battery the night before.

    I was whizzing all over the place and it was only when my eye could the battery lights with no green ones on that I thought about getting back to my car. I made the error of turning the wrong way and headed in completely the wrong direction. I was down to two red lights when I saw Debenhams - it came to a grinding halt in the shop. Luckily I can deactivate the 'Lightdrive' and revert it into a manual wheelchair.

    My 'Breakdown Assistance' came in the form of two people - the first from Debenhams who pushed me to customer service and then a chap from customer service took me back to my car. Service with a smile.

    In my experience you often get a free helping hand from the general public more so than from professional breakdown companies

    I used Mark Bates for the first year then dispenced with breakdown cover for wheelchairs.

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    Brave soul! Well I took out a standard policy with MB and the warranty covered the first few hiccups. Not w.o. some argy-bargy. A thread was found to be around one side of the motor....we had to say yes this is ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE. (who drives over a random thread deliberately??)
    As you know I have to use the Lightdrive to GET to the places you drive to and then the whizzing about. You posted before about getting stuck in the Trafford centre. CHARGE THE BATTERY EVERY TIME.

    Anyhow couple months in, it became apparent no insurers cover "mechanical and electrical" - for that you need a extended warranty. Got you coming and going ain't they? Well the price of sending the motor to Bristol is not cheap and I've done that around 3 times now, so I'm sticking with insurance - tho may change to Fish when this one expires.

    The question was cuz I is buying NEW off road model which is pricey and therefore I would be a total loon NOT to insure.

    On the subject of breakdowns - only time was in Lancaster, in the street. We got it to the hotel, in bits, but insurers then were no help!! Imagine your scenario - minus the help, the car and you had then to get you AND the broken down LD to say Birmingham. THAT is the battle I have with them, they imagine everyone has a car!!
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