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    Headway Survey

    I'm sharing this as there may be some of you on here who have suffered B.I's and may wish to take part in the survey.
    Sea Queen

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    Though I have not suffered a BI, while waiting for one of my PIP appointments, there was a claimant who came to the entrance of the centre. The person who appeared to be the appointee, at least they spoke for the claimant, said the person had just had brain surgery.

    The response to this information from the member of Atos staff was, as it appeared to me a sarcastic, at least curt: "so that stops them using stairs" or words to that effect.

    So if that is the greeting they got, hate to think what else occurred.

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    BI's are one of the unseen health conditions, unless there is a physical disability visible.
    Some I know are sometimes thought to be 'drunk' by those who don't know them as the BI affects there ability to walk.

    I think along with mental health conditions it can be difficult to explain and understand bu those who have little knowledge of these conditions.
    Sea Queen

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