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Thread: And we're off! - Re-flooring finally underway

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    And we're off! - Re-flooring finally underway

    After almost 3 months they've finally started on replacing the flooring.

    Today they're doing my sons bedroom and the hallway/passage, tonight we'll get his bed etc. out of the back bedroom and into his own room, unfortunately we'll also have to squeeze in the sofa bed (which my daughter uses when she visits) and everything else!.

    Tomorrow they'll rip up the back bedroom flooring and possibly the kitchen as well, then stick the dehumidifier on (yet again) to dry them out over the weekend. Once the back bedroom is re-floored I'll have to move all of my living room (which is really my bedroom as well) into there, that will take a lot of doing, probably most of a day.

    Couple of bits of the flooring aren't good, where it goes past the kitchen doorway and passage cupboard, I'm assuming they'd be locking the kitchen and cupboard floors into them.

    OK, off to get shifting more stuff around.

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    Did they not offer you alternative accomodation while this was being done?

    Or would you prefer to keep an eye on just what they are doing? (And how badly they are doing it).

    And have you asked for, or been offered, a rent reduction?
    You can ask for a rent reduction if you can't use all or part of your home because of repair work.

    If your landlord refuses to reduce the rent, you could take them to court to claim compensation.
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    No, they've refused to re-house us 3 times now.

    Bad news is everyone who's seen this thinks the same thing, there's no way it was a leaky soil pipe connection (from the toilet).

    They've just taken up the flooring on the rear bedroom, it's the same as the bathroom and front bedroom were, water standing on top of the concrete sub-floor and absolutely stinking.

    Given the amount of water there's got to be a major problem somewhere, maybe drainage from the communal garden area out the back or some other problem. I've asked them to send someone out to do a proper investigation, once again a trade Supervisor is going to ring me, I won't hold my breath as every other time they've said that nothing has happened.

    My biggest worry is that without finding the source of the problem we'll be back here again in another couple of years.

    This is what was under the floorboards in the rear bedroom, as I said it's the same as the front bedroom and bathroom were.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Rear-Bedroom-Water.jpg 
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    Well, after yet another phone call to my Housing Association a Trade Supervisor has just been.

    How long have we known about this? (Almost 3 months!)

    Has anyone from management been out? (No)

    Why haven't you been moved out? (Buggered if I know, it's not like I haven't asked to be several times!)

    He's not happy the flooring contractor has put the new chipboard floor down in Jareds room without the room being fully dried out.
    Under the damp course sheeting and around the wall edges was still wet!.

    So, he's taken lot's of photos (not happy with some of the new flooring!).

    I've emailed him lots more that he asked for showing the state of the water (it's way beyond damp!).

    He reckons this could easily drag on until Christmas while they wait for each room
    to dry out and be re-floored and the kitchen has to have all the units taken out as well!.

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    What a nightmare for you.
    I certainly hope they are going to offer you compensation and pay the excess on your average electricity bill for you due to having to run the dehumidifier.

    If the room isn't totally dried out then the new chipboard flooring will just swell and crumble.

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    A second Trade Supervision came out Friday, again can't understand why nobody senior had been out earlier. As the middle of the rear bedroom floor had started to dry out he seemed fairly certain the leak had been sorted.

    However, having lifted up the damp proof along the walls to mop out the water the dehumidifier isn't getting to (to speed things up) I then propped it up and now an hour later there's more water in the room than there was before which hopefully is just the water that was under there coming out or it may be that the leak is still ongoing as the water is coming from the corner that the soil pipe in the bathroom is behind.

    I've marked the spread and will take photos every hour to check

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    It really does need to be sorted once and for all. Hope you are correct about the new water.

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    Looks like the new wet room will all have to come back out, the water has now spead about another 18" into the rear bedroom. I rang the Trade Supervisor who said he couldn't report it so I spent 35mins on hold waiting for the emergency repair line, they're sending someone out, within 24Hrs!.

    Even with the dehumidifier running it's still spreading. I put colouring dyes down the shower, loo and hand basin but can't see anything in the water so I've no idea where it's coming from.

    These are the rear bedroom taken about 1hr apart,

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I think I'd be getting onto my MP by now.

    And don't forget the local press they love stories like this, and councils realy get moving once reporters contact them for a comment and the story gets splashed all over the local paper.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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    I agree with Nukecad, you can't carry on with that farce. I would really push for rehoming until the problem is solved too.

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