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Thread: And we're off! - Re-flooring finally underway

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    Water is a nightmare to deal with! It travels or soaks through or whatever and can be coming from somewhere other than where it's causing the problem. That being said it shouldn't be too hard to track down. All water will stink if it's laying for any length of time but with dyes and simple tests you can find where it's coming from.

    I was in the building trade before MS and know how much of a royal pain it can be. Fingers crossed it gets sorted for you soon.

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    What a nightmare for you.
    I agree with what's being said about contacting your MP and the newspapers.The Sun loves stories like this.I hope you get to the bottom of where the water is leaking from.

    It's not the same by any means but when my granddaughter was being bullied at school I went down and told them that if it wasn't sorted by the end of the day I would phone the Sun .I put the phone number in my mobile and showed them.It took a couple of days to get the boys names but it was sorted especially when I gave them an hour or I would be phoning the paper and police.

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    We're down to living in 2 bedrooms and hopefully the bathroom later today.

    The flooring they laid in the passage/hallway has to be re-done, they've ripped out the entire kitchen and surprise the floor is soaking as well.

    My HA's plumber Amber is here all day trying to find the source of the water, she seems pretty good!.

    The monkeys who fitted the wetroom and the council chap who paid for it were out yesterday and said there was nothing wrong with it!.

    My HA's Trade Supervisor (who appears to be very good!) isn't happy is talking about getting a structural engineer in to look at it, the drain is too high, Amber says the whole shower tray is too high which is why the drain is. Also none of the corner joints in the flooring are sealed properly.

    Update, Amber has just re-checked the rear bedroom, with the water off at the mains it still leaks, with the pipes leading to the heating, shower etc. blocked of and the main on it still leaks. So it looks like it's coming from either next door or an underground pipe (her best guess).

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    It doesn't need to be coming from a pipe, it could be rainwater that has soaked into the ground and is now making it's way into your house.
    Either running downslope, or the water table has risen enought to be above your floors.

    How soggy is your garden at the same level as your floors? (If you have a garden).
    Try digging a hole and see how fast it fills with water.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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    Hi Nuke

    We have a communal large garden, none of the other houses have this problem. The water def. seems to be coming from the soil pipe area and heading away towards the rear of the house where the garden is.

    They're sending Dyno-Rod out to do a camera survey sometime today so we'll see what that finds.

    Amber spent all day yesterday isolating pipes etc. and is certain it's not from any of our internal pipework.

    The other thing is the new wet room, my trade supervisor is still not happy with it, he's talking to his boss about ripping it out and having it re-done by themselves. The contractor lied through his teeth when he was here on Wednesday, said he couldn't fit an anti-condensation trap to the fan extraction pipe in the loft as I had boxes in the way, luckily in all the photos I took of the rats nest wiring job you can clearly see the extraction pipe which is completely unobstructed, there's not even any flooring there to have put stuff on!.

    My guy (and the plumber) also reckon the shower tray is too high, the drain doesn't go far enough down so there's a lip above the flooring preventing the water going down, also when you wash/clean the flooring any water not actually in the tray runs away from it to the opposite side of the room and pools there.
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    Yup, I said a while back, get onto the press. You have been bound patient and the HA have dragged their heels - I looked at their website and you need to name and shame em.!! Ditto the contractor. The fact that so many professionals have aghast at the work done, tells you are perfectly justified in throwing an absolute wobbly at anyone who will listen.

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    We'll see what Dyno-Rod find (assuming they're coming as they've not rang me).

    The chap coming to properly seal the wet room floor isn't coming now, maybe next Monday or Tuesday

    The trade supervisor I have now is great, he's like a rabid dog with a bone!, he's really pushing everyone to get this sorted out!. He's talking to the area manager about not waiting until the warranty for the wet room is up and ripping it out and doing it themselves.

    In better news the kitchen appears to have dried out nicely, just a shame they're putting the 30yr old kitchen units back in and not replacing them Maybe they'll drop to pieces when the flooring contractor tries to put them in (I have suggested it to him!).

    Small update Dyno Rod aren't coming out, had a call about 4:30, "My cameras battery is dead and another engineer has the charger, by the time I go to Darlington to get it it'll be dark" Hopefully they're coming tomorrow now.
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    Had my HA trade supervisor and his technical surveyor round at 9am, both are very unhappy with the way the wet room flooring and shower tray have been fitted, so they're going to have it ripped out and replaced by themselves on Monday and send the bill to the council!.

    They're both convinced the current fresh water leak is coming from the wet room so out it comes!. If it is there then I may finally get my rear bedroom dried out and floored so I can move all the stuff out of our living room (my bedroom) into there and get that sorted as well.

    Flooring chaps turned up at 10:15 so hopefully we'll have the kitchen re-floored and the kitchen units put back in (if they survive!) by the end of today. Hopefully in time to get the plumber back to re-connect everything. Only problem is their gas fitter can't re-connect the hob until next Tuesday so my son won't be able to cook his favourite Korean noodle soup!.

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    Well scratch all of that

    They lifted part of the passage floor they fitted earlier to link it into the kitchen and great news, the concrete under it is damp again!.

    Looks like the new floor in my sons room will also have to come out again as it's probably the same.

    They're going to floor round the edges of the kitchen so they can at least re-fit the kitchen units so we have a kitchen (well half a one) for the weekend.

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    I would now be yelling at the HA -

    "We want putting up in a decent hotel, at least for the weekend, and/or until my cooking facilities are reconnected".

    If you do decide to stay put then get receipts for any take out meals (or meals out) you have to pay for, and put a claim in for the cost when it's finally sorted.
    (As part of you compensation claim for lack of facilities contracted under your lease, and for inconvenience/distress).
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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