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Thread: And we're off! - Re-flooring finally underway

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    The problem with the hotel (we had 2 nights last weekend) is my Autistic son. He hates having to share and sleep in the same room as me, there's nothing for him to do, he usually spends all of his time online gaming (Warcraft, Final Fantasy) which is where he lives his life. The hotel only has a 1mb connection so he can't play. Then there's the problem of washing and bathing, it's hard enough to get him to shower in the same house as me, he closes all the curtains and internal doors even though there's nobody looking in or can see him. It's just a massive disruption to his normal way of doing things.

    And of course there's the problems of food, cooking, laundry etc. etc.

    They really should move us into another property and gut this place to find the problem and sort it out. The other concern is we're going away in a couple of weeks time, my son goes to Florida to visit friends and as he can't travel on his own I have to take him. Being 6' 5" with multiple mobility/joint problems you can guess what being cramped into an airplane for 9-1/2 hours does to me. I always say that when we get back I need a holiday to recover!.


    Flooring people have lifted the entire passage floor and part of my sons room, both are completely soaking wet again. He's worried it will get into the kitchen we've just dried out over the weekend.

    HA is coming Monday to lift the wet room flooring etc. out and try and see where the water is coming from. Good old Dyno Rod didn't turn up again this morning as promised but they hope to be with me later today

    The only good bit of news is my trade supervisor has managed to get a plumber and gas fitter to come out tomorrow so hopefully we can use the kitchen again despite it only having enough flooring to support the units!.
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    You are being so very patient, I would be tearing my hair out by now. To my way of thinking, that until the root cause of the water is found it is pointless trying to do anything else, just a waste of time and money.
    I also think that your property, at the moment, is not fit for habitation.

    As for your travel being cramped, if you book special assistance you are sometimes allocated extra legroom seats. If you haven't booked SA it may well be worth a try.
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    Hi Beau

    I've paid for extra leg room seats, it's only an extra 3" (Virgin) but it helps, of course someone is bound to recline into me as usual!.

    Gas fitter turned up yesterday tea time so at least the gas hob is working, plumber is here now to re-fit the sink.

    Dyno Rod eventually turned up, surface water and foul drains are all clear, he thinks there should be another drain but couldn't find it, he may be coming back with a locator device but that's up to my HA to sort out/pay for if they want to.

    I'm fully expecting the wet room floor to be soaking wet when they lift the covering.

    It's so annoying that the house 3 doors down has been empty for the last 3 months, they could have easily moved us there and sorted all this out. Unfortunately it's now been let so although I've had the keys to store our kitchen bits & bobs I won't have them for much longer.

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    Booking special assistance means you don't have to pay for the extra leg room seats. I always book it, mind you I need the assistance anyway.
    I wonder if Virgin would put you in 1st class if you needed help?

    Good luck with your flooring.

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    We got Premium Economy very cheap with Virgin via an offer with Delta (about £600 cheaper for the 2 of us) a couple of years ago, all I can say is apart from the extra few inches of leg room I'd never waste my money on it again!.

    As for the flooring .......... 1 step forward 3 steps back.

    It's really getting to me, I'm not eating properly and my stress levels must be through the roof!, I seem happy enough but I've been throwing up and getting a lot of leg cramps, both signs of dehydration and stress apparently!.
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    Well, hopefully some good news!.

    They've took up the wet room flooring and huge surprise the floor underneath is soaked. They also took out the shower tray to find it hasn't been installed properly (no surprise there), the fitting from the drain to the pipe connecting it to the pump was about 1" too far out of the joint so not sealing properly. As a result the hole they dug in the concrete for the drain to sit in was completely full of water and of course every time we used the shower it overflowed onto the floor and spread out throughout the house.

    Also told the hole just wasn't deep enough so when standing in the shower the joint was being forced against the concrete. My HA's team have dug it out deeper and added a channel for the pipe across to the pump, original contractor said it would take too long, it took less than 20mins!!.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Under-Shower-Tray.jpg 
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    They've also found water coming through bottom of the wall from next doors bathroom as well so they're in there now fixing that.

    Plumber also found that instead of using a reducer for the toilet pipe they just filled up the gap with loads of silicone sealant (which was already dripping), way to go!, really professional job!.

    Hopefully it'll be properly sorted and we can get the place floored out.

    I'm having some small revenge though, the washer and tumble drier are still at no.42, so I've done 2 lots of washing and had the drier on non-stop for about 90mins using their electric

    Hopefully they'll floor out the rear bedroom and the rest of the kitchen & passage on Thursday and Friday then I can move Jared in while they take out his new floor so we can dry his room out (again), then after he's back in we can finally get my room gutted, dried (hopefully) over the weekend) and floored next week.

    I really hope that things are sorted, after over 3 months we're really getting sick and very, very stressed with having to live like this.

    If you want to see the thing in detail it's on my Facebook page,
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    I have to say my housing associations trade supervisor and his team have been brilliant

    The wet room is now finished and the shower tray is now about 3cm lower so the flooring slopes down into it nicely. The drain now sits below the the flooring and the flooring is properly sealed in the corners. When I used the previous one there would be a massive puddle around the drain as it was just slightly above the flooring so the water wasn't being pumped out fast enough, it'd also leave quite a lot of surface water behind when I'd finished showering. I used the new one last night, what a difference!, virtually no pooling of water when using it and this morning the tray is dry, no residual water

    My sons room is now habitable with some nice thick sound backed carpet tiles (nearly killed me putting them down!) and we should be moving his stuff back into it today. Hopefully we should be able to tile the rest of the rear bedroom out and get the living room furniture and my bed etc. moved into there over the weekend. Monday the flooring contractors will be finishing off the passage and kitchen floors, putting my cupboards, washing machine, fridge/freezer etc. back and ripping out the living room floor (the last and largest one!) then drying it out and re-flooring it before the end of the week.

    I can't see the passage or ling room getting carpeted though as we go away on the 21st for my sons annual trip to see his friends so more work to do when we get back!, hopefully it'll all be sorted before Christmas, only 5 months after it all started
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    Just a thought....

    Couldn't you leave a key with someone and get the last couple of carpets laid while your away. It shouldn't cost too much and at least when you get home from holiday you'll not have more work to do. You'll come back to a finished job.

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    I've managed to fit the carpet tiles to my sons room and move him back in

    Most of the rear bedroom is done just a strip up one wall about 15cm wide, these tiles have sound back insulation so are quite difficult to cut to size. We spent from 9am Saturday until 1am today fitting the tiles and assembling a triple wardrobe, then we found the new floor isn't level, it dips slightly in the centre so the wardrobe doors are at a slight angle!, the sides are vertical (checked with a spirit level).

    At 1am we gave up, my son has gone off to bed, he's been very helpful yesterday and today but being Autistic it can be very trying getting him to do what I ask instead of what he thinks I want. I've got to clear all the stuff off my bed (nowhere else to put stuff) and tomorrow we start trying to fit my room into the rear bedroom, so approx 18 square meters of stuff into a 11 square meter room which already has a sofa bed and a triple wardrobe in it!!. I can see me sleeping on the floor in the passage on my mattress at this rate.

    I'll see how the flooring contractors get on next week, they have some bits of the passage to do and most of the kitchen then that have to strip my room, dry it out and re-floor, if they can be done by Thursday I'll ask the carpet tile supplier if he can come and fit my room and the passage for me before we go away a week Tuesday or as you say leave a key next door.
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    That sounds like your getting there. Will be great for you if its done before you go. Then you can unwind a bit when your away knowing your coming home to a finished job.

    Fingers crossed for you!!

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