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Thread: And we're off! - Re-flooring finally underway

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    More good news, NOT.

    Wind has blown off a couple of sheets of the old chipboard flooring piled up in the skip, made a nice big dent in my car on the rear quarter panel behind the passenger door handle

    Hopefully I can get a smart repair as it will probably cost a fortune through the garage as it's a lease car, not having much luck with it, second day I had it I got hit with a massive stone chip and had to have the windscreen replaced so £75

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    What a nightmare you have gone through Phaedra.I honestly don't know how you have coped with it all.
    I hope this is the last mishap you have

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    Me too

    The insurance are already arguing over the cost of the replacement flooring which is only carpet tiles as we simply couldn't get laminate re-fitted due to the amount of time we had with all the workmen coming in and out and having to be away on the 22nd as my Autistic son goes to Florida to see his friends and I have to take him. Most of the skirting boards were replaced with bare wood so they all need prepped and painted as do most of the walls as they ripped the old ones off damaging the paint etc.

    There's still a lot of work to be done when we get back so I'll have to get some quotes, my housing association are giving me some decorating vouchers to help, probably just enough to buy some paint!.

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    Still not impressed with your HA, they should be sorting the work, even if you had to pay for the decorating. And insurance? Huh gal stand your ground, you've got ample photos of the damage and proof of who dunnit.

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