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Thread: Direct Payments Assessment

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    Direct Payments Assessment

    First of all, apologies if I've posted this in the wrong section, and if this has been answered before - I looked but I couldn't find anything.

    A relative is disabled and has been for a long, long time due to a RTA, and has recently had a stroke - making things much worse. He now requires round the clock care, and it's unsafe for him to be left alone.

    My parents are currently doing virtually all of his care between them 24x7 (he doesn't live with them, and is otherwise on his own) but obviously that can't continue. I do bits when I can.

    The direct payments assessment (still not receiving anything yet) has been verbally stated as covering 23 hours of care which seem woefully inadequate.

    Whilst I wouldn't expect direct payment to cover his entire care needs, I'd expected something more than that, as that would still leave 5 days and nights for my parents to cover.

    Does anybody know/have experience of how much care it's possible to get through direct payments?

    Is it unreasonable of me to expect more care through direct payments?

    He's been out of hospital for a couple of months now with no outside help, and it's killing my parents.

    I'd really appreciate any comments/experiences people have with direct payments.

    Many thanks.

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    I'm afraid I'm not up to speed with direct payments (someone else will probably know about the maximum) but the situation overall, as you describe it, just leaves me speechless.
    Your relative must surely have had a home assessment done before he was discharged from hospital? Not just for payments - but other basic needs and adaptations etc. Yet there is only a verbal report?
    Something seems to be very wrong, especially if he cannot safely be left alone at all. I would be contacting your Social Services and his GP about the situation and explaining that, as you say, the situation cannot continue. Unfortunately of course that may mean they will suggest he goes into a care home.
    I do know that home care provision is much more limited now though. 23 hours a week sounds as if it would just be a morning and evening visit. Enough to get someone up, put them to bed, check medication is done, and maybe a quick wash.
    Meanwhile you need to be ensuring that he himself gets all the benefits he should - Disabiluty Living Allowance, or Attendance Allowance depending on his age. Or if he gets one of those already see if it can be increased. Apart from any extra money that could help to prove his level of care need.

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    I have known of people being assessed for even less care, & they have had to fight it. I agree with Carn, get some advise on this from those who know better than we do. Maybe even the CAB or another local agency could help, too? it seems so wrong & not even worth getting it really. There are options to fight this, but that can take a long time. I do know people have challenged such things & won.
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