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Thread: MR waiting times

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    MR waiting times

    For anyone who has put in for a MR how long did you wait to hear back?

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    Mine took three days from them receiving it. They have a target of ten working days. May as well start working on your appeal now

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    Quote Originally Posted by justme2017 View Post
    Mine took three days from them receiving it. They have a target of ten working days. May as well start working on your appeal now
    In my past experience the 1st time it took them some 8 weeks or more, the 2nd time iirc i think is was about 5-6weeks but felt a lot longer both were for ESA As for the OP working on his/her appeal, until they get the ESA85 from the DWP that could be a little difficult if it isn't known why they decided to find them FFW
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    I sent my letter away 16 days ago so hope it’s soon

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    Did you send it recorded delivery? I did,I them rang them to confirm they had it and was told it was in their mail center in Glasgow even though I posted it to Wolverhampton. Some crap about that's where royal mail send anything addressed to DWP when sent recorded delivery,and told it would take 12 days to get an answer. Nearly 15 days later still now answer,rang them again and told it was delayed in internal mail and that it would be sent straight to decision makers taking a further 10 days. Best bet is to ring them and ask have they received it,and if so has it been passed on to the decision makers. You don't need to send anything to get a mr you can do it by phone,but best bet is to send letter that you can track then you have written prove and don't leave it in their hands to write the request on your file as they hide behind the phonelines and will tell you what ever suits them. Good luck!

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    Thanks I did send it recorded delivery I’m trying to avoid phoning as I find it really difficult speaking on the phone due to my anxiety

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    If you need any more help? Just post back I will monitor this thread for the next week or so and I can advise about UC or anything else you might encounter. If you have had no money for five weeks or so post back and I will write in detail about my experience with the system and point you in the right direction so you don't make the same errors I made,hopefully this will keep you keep your anxiety to a minimum level. Good luck

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    Aww thank you I will keep you posted I was advised to apply for job seekers but I can’t do that again I’m living off my PIP and luckily still live with my mum so I don’t have a house or that to run

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    Depending on your area you might not be able to go the jsa route,as this is being replaced with UC. Get your mum to ring ESA if possible and you can talk to give permission for her to speak on your behalf. If you have only the UC option because you were in the work program on ESA,which no longer exists. You must go to citizens advice because they will be up to date on UC status in your area. If the DWP adviser tells you that you must apply UC don't be tempted to start the online process because once they have your name and address it will be hard to get back out of. Have you had a fit not from your doctor? This will cover you for the time of that you have had no money,you need to have it from the date they told you ESA had be stopped to up untill the tribunal court case if it goes that far,the doctor will only give you a max of 1 month at a time or so,some will be reluctant to keep signing you off because WCA is meant to stop the doctor being asked for the fit notes,but it does say on the back of the letter you had. I believe this might only be for you to claim the time it took for the appeal to take place and if you win get back dated payments. How many points did you get on the WCA? If it was about 12 and they all were for depression and anxiety I would have thought that you could quite easily get three point for something the assesser missed out of their report. If you go to citizens advice take the letter that was sent to you about ESA ending and hi light points you don't agree with. If citizens advice think you have a case to goto tribunal court just mention that when you ring the DWP to asked about you mr,just say it will goto court if they don't rule in your favour,stay claim when telling them this and just say citizens advice think you have a case and believe you would win. This is because 8 out of 10 mr request are not changed,but 8 out 12 in tribunal court are change to unfit for work. Don't worry if it goes to court it's not what you think,it just a doctor and a medical solicitor in a room and you can take someone for support. All they do is listen to what you have to say about your condition and the person who goes with can also give evidence to support what you say,they are not employed by DWP and if they feel you have been ruled against unjustly they will override the DWP decision,they are just there to make sure the law has be followed when the DWP made their decision. I should imagine that you have been on ESA for more then 6 months? If so and you have to apply from UC for some money,don't worry when you get the decision ruled in your favour your money should go back to the £100 or so as it was before on ESA. Don't worry about this the WCA is over and that is by far the worsted part of this process. Seek advice from CA and good luck. Sorry if I went on a bit just dislike the DWPs process of bullying and trying to put people off claiming what is rightfully yours.

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    Hi thanks I got 9 points it’s not just anxiety & depression I also have heart & lung problems I didn’t know about the sick note I have only ever had to send one as my gp gave me an indefinite one

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