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Thread: Mobility after age 65?

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    Mobility after age 65?

    I have had mobility cars for a few years now. I get enhanced rate of PIP and my present car will take me to 2020 when I'll be 65. My PIP has been awarded until 2021. I'll be 66 then. Will I still be able to get PIP or Mobility cars?
    I know some people get Attendance allowance when they are 65 but I've read that those people cant get on the scheme.
    As I am on PIP will I be switched to Attendance allowance? and lose my option to have a mobility car? This is worrying me.

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    hi as long as you meet the pip for daily living and motability you keep it after retiring as you are already on the benefit before retiring, regards palmer

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    Thanks for the info. I was awarded DLA for life but when changed to PIP they awarded it for 5 years. I wondered if thats so that they can stop it when I'm 66. I guess I'll have to wait and see if it's re-awarded.

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    Once you reach 65 your PIP will continue as the current award, but will still be subject to reassessments.

    There is a sting with reassessments of the mobility component once you are over the age of 65:

    The mobility component can be reduced from Enhanced to Standard at reassesment.
    The mobility component cannot be increased from Standard to Enhanced at reassessment. (Unless it was previously reduced and your mobility need increases again within a year).
    If you lose Standard mobility there is no way to get it back.

    The Daily living component can still be reduced or increased according to your circumstances, just as it was before you turned 65.

    Here's the AgeUK factsheet about PIP:
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