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    Pip 2027

    Today I have received the letter regarding my daughters change from DlA to PIP.
    I'm taking it that as it states that they will contact her again in 2027 that this is the time awarded - 10 years?
    She has been awarded Enhanced for both Care and Mobility.
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    That must be a relief to you sea queen. Well done on getting your daughter the award she deserves.

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    Congrats for the good news, as close to a lifetime award, or even ongoing for PIP as most get to. As already said that must be a relief.

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    Thank you and yes it is a relief. I spent a long long time putting evidence together to be honest as I know how tough it is.
    It was signed and sent on October 9th 2017. So pretty fast really - it's a pity others can't be as speedy!
    I was searching the letter to see if any time limit - obviously missed it as eventually I noticed the 2027 in among the gumph.
    So it is for ten years then --- phew thank goodness for that!!
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    hi and well done on award for your daughter ten years is a ongoing award thats the most that is given but will be good for next time round i.e. 9 years review hopefully will be done on paper regards palmer

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    Thanks Palmer this was a paper based review.
    Quite impressed with the timescale as I know some areas are taking much longer
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    I'm about to go through this in April when my daughter turns 16 let's hope we do as well as u x

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dancingwithdestiny View Post
    I'm about to go through this in April when my daughter turns 16 let's hope we do as well as u x
    Send all relevant proof as in medical letters etc as well as writing or typing out more in-depth explanations of your daughters condition and what she 'can't do' or needs support with.
    If you are able I would start making notes now to lessen your time spent on it when the time comes.
    Good luck and let us know how it goes x
    Sea Queen

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