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So apparently the assessor has quit and the laptop she was using to take the notes is password protected and they can't contact her for the password.. So it's not for additional infrmation at all it's for a complete reassesment, they didn't actually tell me that despite asking if anything was wrong it's when my social worker rang that they told her.. Has anyone heard of this happening before?
Personally, I would be asking what is going to happen to said laptop, as it has personal information on it, is the DWP the Data controller or are they? Maybe that’s a question best asked of your MP, or ask on a data protection forum (make sure it’s UK).

Just had a quick google:

The DWP is the data controller, meaning they are overall responsible for any personal data. The ‘Healthcare’ companies are ‘data processors’ whom have the same responsibilities as the DWP.

You should phone the dwp and make sure they’re aware of this, legally I believe if the laptop cannot be opened it would have to have it’s hard drive removed and destroyed.