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Thread: Warning for everyone

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    Warning for everyone

    Ok - so I send in the required info for my lodger moving in - I got a call from ESA - as I have had to keep chasing it up as no one had dealt with it -during the call I was told x -amount would be deducted from my benefits which I knew because of all the invaluable advice I recieved on this forum - then he continued to say I would lose the SDP as I have another person living in the household - I said no because he is excluded as a lodger - explained I got advice from welfare advisors as well as off the direct gov website he carried on insisting I will lose my SDP because I would no longer satisfy the conditions -I stood my ground and said no it is not a relative therefore not a non dependent - he was very pushy the kind of attitude “ im right Your wrong “ -he then continued to say welfare advisors “ get it wrong” and it wasn’t until I said well the information is on your website that he put me on hold for several minutes came back and said “ I was wrong your lodger is am excluded person and therefore u still satisfy the SDP conditions I will update my notes - you will still continue to recieve the SDP” I find this scary for several reasons - these are the people making decisions and playing god with peoples life and income ? Had I have not stood my ground - I would have had the SDP cut ! I cannot get over that I really can’t - you all probably already know this - but be careful and if you think your right about something - chances are you are !

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    there making so many mistakes , i dont think they get any trainng , and as for rules they make them up as they go along.
    and all the changes dont help .

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    I knew nothing about benefits and the rules until I was awarded zero points at my WCA. As I have had to research and read up on things, I can now safely say that I now know more than 90% of the people who work for the DWP. They all tell me different things and some of them are so wrong its actually funny.

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    It’s so scary tho isn’t it ?how many people have had rates cut etc as they have gone off what they are told by decision makers -as Druid said they make their own rules as they go along

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    I've said it before,

    If there was ever a quiz on ESA rules/regulations a team of regulars from here would trounce a team of DWP employees everytime.

    Of course we have more reason for getting it right than they have.
    It's just a job for them, not their lives.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

    Migration from ESA to Universal Credit- Click here for information.

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    I have just got off of the phone with the DWP and something that they have been telling me is not possible for months, is all of a sudden possible now I have said that I will write into HMCTS and ask them if they have more luck getting the information in time for my PIP hearing next month.

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    I’m glad u have it sorted justme2017 it’s unbeliveable

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    I think that most of the employees of the DWP are not deliberately getting things wrong, I just genuinely believe that they just do not know themselves.

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    It was only a few years ago I realised that having a lodger who isn't related meant that they were a 'disregarded person' from a Council Tax point of view. So I retained my 25% Council Tax discount providing you have the middle rate of care.

    Most Council Tax workers aren't aware of this rule so you have to enlighten then!

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    Thanks for that light touch I’ll see what comes of council tax and bare that in mind ! Xxx

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