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    Hi I'm registered disabled and have a disabled bay outside my house. At the moment I cannot drive so my daughter who lives with me and whose car reg is linked to my badge parks in my bay at all times but just lately we have received nasty letters through door and my daughter keeps getting notes left on her car not to park in a disabled bay without a badge!! I do not leave my badge in her car as it would likely be nicked!! I'm getting very depressed with this situation. What can I do??

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    Talk to your neighbours, calmly explain what is happening, and ask them if they would kindly keep an eye out for whoever is leaving the letters because you want to report them to the police for threatening behaviour.

    (It's probably one of them anyway and once they realise the true situation it should stop).
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    Unless the disabled parking bay is linked to your house number any Blue Badge holder has a right to use it - it isn't your parking bay.

    If your daughter parked there and displayed your blue badge that might be fine as long as a traffic warden doesn't want to check the photo on the back of the badge - she could get fined up to £1,000 for pretending to be disabled.

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    I've spoke to neighbours and none of them seem to know anything. Police were involved after first note as it was full of hate speech but tbh there not really interested

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    The bay is linked to my badge and house as is my daughters car reg when I first applied for the badge. My badge is not displayed in her car outside my house as we would not want her window smashed and to have it pinched so we leave a photocopy on display. My daughter is not pretending to be disabled!!! She lives with me and is my designated driver

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    So can anyone tell me my rights please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luthersgirl View Post
    So can anyone tell me my rights please?
    Bay is available to anyone with a disability who has a blue badge. The badge should be displayed at all times. You can park and use bay and display badge provided the holder is going on car journeys with you. If the disabled holder is not in the car the bay should not be used.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luthersgirl View Post
    So can anyone tell me my rights please? pleas note YOU MUST DISPLAY BADGE ON DASHBOARD not a photocopy.

    please not it says here you can download a leaflet re the rules and regs and also you can't park everywhere.

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    Yes thank you I know that but when I've returned to my house and we've parked in my bay my daughters car is there until I've needed to go out again and be driven by my daughter... I'm certainly not going to sit in the car all the time ??

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    Hi thank you I have a booklet that came with my badge but I'm not leaving my original badge overnight in my daughters car as there's some slightly notorious people in my road that would more than likely smash car window to get my badge

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