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Thread: A Million Disabled into work within Ten Years

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    Quote Originally Posted by gus607 View Post
    It's called moving the goalposts. The Tories are hell bent in getting people off benefits, no one told you yet ?
    But realistically, which party in government will ever encourage people on to benefits?
    My point is, I see plenty of moaning about things but never any suggestions of solutions?.Sure there is plenty to moan about, but it is getting us nowhere if there is no suggestions for alternatives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobcarerT View Post
    Correction, everyone who is capable of working, in which working will not cause their conditions to deteriorate should atleast try to work. Ofcourse, employers are traditionally largely to blame, if you can employ someone with a lower risk and potentially higher productivity, then that’s money better spent, that is where the problem lies
    I agree with you on that Rob

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    Quote Originally Posted by stree View Post
    I agree with you on that Rob
    Unfortunately, it’s one of those hard decisions that spineless politicians don’t have the guts to make.

    Everyone bangs on about gender equality in the workplace, even talks of forcing companies to have certain amounts of balance in their boardrooms.

    Maybe they should include the disabled in that underrepresented category.

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    Propaganda then, that's all PMQs are these days aanyway.

    BBC sucking up to the gov so that they don't lose the monopoly that is the TV licence.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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    I used to work for the Public Sector and it wanted to reflect, in its workforce, the diversity of people it served. All large organisations have ‘targets’ to set regarding recruitment, retention and development of all staff from different backgrounds.

    They wanted to ‘target’ having 4% of disabled people within the workforce. This was then broken down into ‘pay scales’. If there weren’t enough disabled managers they would look at the barriers to development and find creative ways around it.

    Once you had your foot in the door that would then be the first step to progression via in-house training to gain new skills.

    In my experience it would be very difficult for a disabled person to secure a full time job when there are equally as many none disabled people applying.

    I found the best plan was to apply for full time - short term contracts of say 3 or 6 months. This gave the employer the opportunity to see if you fitted in and could do the work without being tied in to lengthy contracts.

    I have worked in Private Industry in Central Manchester where I was the only disabled person on the payroll. It can help as other workers can see that the employers must be broad minded; clients are impressed that a disabled person has ‘skills’ that benefit them. And I also dealt with the firms contractors who respected what I could do - not what I couldn’t do.

    I was treated with respect, dignity and was paid the same as my co-workers on the same pay grade.

    I always looked forward to going into work every day. Working does improve all aspects of your life and takes your mind off negative things.

    When you look for work employers generally look for values, attitude and flexibility. All other aspects of any job are based on training on the job.

    It isn’t easy landing a job when your out of work but want to work. Try going for temporary or short term contract work is the easiest and quickest route in my experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nukecad View Post
    Propaganda then, that's all PMQs are these days aanyway.

    BBC sucking up to the gov so that they don't lose the monopoly that is the TV licence.
    as i would never buy a tv licence , i was please to hear im now no longer a criminal , non payment is no longer a criminal offence .
    the tv licence and council tax is to top up pensions of the people in those cosy little criminal outfits.
    when they brought in the cuts i notice none of my local public sector workers lost there jobs..
    im also glad they have finally exposed the bbc wages and pensions scandal.

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    David Gauke, Works and Pensions Secretary, was on BBC Breakfast Time, this morning, banging his drum about the Gov. wanting to help people back into work.

    How, the Welfare system, would be used to provide, personalised support in place, and how the health system would be used to prevent people, from not being able to work, more on those in work being prevented from getting back to work, or that's how it was put forward previously as they could potentially be pushed up waiting lists. All in the name of helping people fulfil their potential, in the work place.

    Also commented that, 600,000 disabled people are now in work who previously were not working, in last 4 years I believe. Twice as many disabled people, are likely to leave work. Also wanting to get employers involved in helping getting people back into work. Though only 8% of businesses presently employ disabled workers

    Commented on the areas where they can reduce the number of disabled people into work, is looking into the area of, those with Mental Health and Musculoskeletal conditions.

    I am currently not working, but still pay my taxes, as have an income coming in, also in SG ESA, as have lets just say a few of the automatic qualifying elements putting me there. As for work, I didn't leave, was pushed out against my will. The last 2 jobs I did have, the first employer had jobs I could have still done, but didn't want me anymore, the second despite being made fully aware (though I didn't have to) of the way medical conditions and disability affected me, then still used these as the reason to get rid of me. Would love to work, and if they could fix my spine and lack of mobility, plus couple of other things I would be chuffed.

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    i think maybe they could try other ways to get people into work , but they tend to pick on people who are not that bright (easy targets) rather than go into everyones circumstances and see what they may be able to do.
    and cutting off peoples benifit leaving them starving is not the way , people need to feel there not going into work with no escape if they find its all to much for them , theres no flexability in the system , just brutal rules and no real support for people who would like to TRY working.
    i personally would never work because i would get no help or respect for trying and told to go to a food bank if i cant cope , so for now stuff there "weelbeing " chats.

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    It's difficult to be positive about disabled policy with this gov after the way they have "reformed" welfare and been party to demonising us to enable their unpalatable policies. I can only foresee shifted goalposts and bullying to force people off welfare onto work that doesn't suit and does pay. Punitive sanctioning, half baked schemes and more demonisation as scroungers. Compulsory CBT has already been mooted a few times and mental health therapy "in house" and "online" - sounds like tick boxing and windows to sanctions to me.

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    Unfortunately, I won't be one of the million. I already have a full time job trying to stay alive, given the option, I prefer the job I have to any other trumped up alternative.
    Anything expressed is my opinion only and is offered in good faith. It is either from my own experiance or what I have learned on my journey. Take it for what it is or leave it alone. With best wishes D.

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