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Thread: PIP Home Assessment In Northern Ireland

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    PIP Home Assessment In Northern Ireland

    I have been in receipt of High-Level DLA for Care and Mobility for 12 years.

    I received a letter inviting me to apply for the new PIP Benefit, which I did. I filled out my PIP2 form and returned it along with substantial backup information from my various Consultants, local GP's Surgery notes, letter from my carer and a detailed letter from my GP detailing how my illnesses affect my daily life, the care that I require both from my carer and my wife, the constant daily pain I experience and my limited ability to walk a few steps before being in immense pain.

    My form was to be received by 11/11/2017 which I sent by Royal Mail Track and Trace.

    I was informed by letter by CAPITA dated 18/11/2017 instructing me that I would receive a face-to-face appointment with a Health Professional on 28/11/2017 @ 10.45 am.

    On the morning of the Assessment by Assessor arrived on time and was greeted by my wife. The Assessment was held in our kitchen as this is the area in the house where I spend most of my time. Through discussion, we painted a picture of how my illnesses affected my day to day life. The Assessor was extremely kind and seemed to understand my issues and problems etc. ( I am under no illusion that she most probably was playing us ).

    She didn't ask to see around the house or any or various aids that I have been assigned by my OT over the years. During the interview, she stated several times that I had nothing to worry about. Which my wife and I found a bit strange !!

    Upon leaving she stated that she was running behind time and could tell by my physical appearance that I was in extreme pain and it would have been unfair of her to carry out the physical examination, so she skipped it completely.

    Has anyone experienced getting a home assessment without requesting one, the short period of time from sending my PIP2 to getting assessed, the fact that my assessor did not carry out a physical examination? The assessor informed us that we would get the decision in around 8/10 weeks but we have heard of people in our local area getting their decision in about 3 weeks.

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    Hi Marky and welcome

    Yes, sometimes HA do happen without request. In four claims that I have been involved with this has happened and very quickly but it is no indication of outcome. Normally decisions take 2-4 weeks. It is a good idea to ring and ask for a copy of the assessment report
    Anything expressed is my opinion only and is offered in good faith. It is either from my own experiance or what I have learned on my journey. Take it for what it is or leave it alone. With best wishes D.

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    Almost all of Capita's assessments are home visits; that's the norm for them.

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    I had a home assessment without requesting one, I am in England.
    I put it down to the fact that I had stated on the form there must be lift access and that I couldn't get down stairs in an emergency. I presumed that the assessment centre I should have attended couldn't facilitate this.
    Mine was with ATOS.

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    I am from Northern Ireland I had had my home visit about a month ago it took two weeks until I had my results back. Was on high care and high mobility on dla. Was awarded standard care and enhanced mobility on pip. Which I was happy enough with. Had all the medical information needed for a award. And it’s for 31/2 years. I was very worried about the whole process. But glad it’s all over for now. The nurse was very nice and understanding. Maybe I was just lucky to get a good one

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    Hi chefthe1, Thanks for the kind reply. My assessor was extremely nice, understanding and appeared genuinely concerned about my condition. I'm glad that you found yours to be of the same disposition. Do you mind me asking if you requested a home visit or Capita made the decision themselves ? Something else which is troubling me is that she stated she was late for her next assessment and said she didn't need to carry out any medical examination as she could see I was in extreme pain and it was unfair of her to put me throught it. As my mind is working overtime on the effect changing from DLA to PIP can have, do you think I should have requested that one was carried out in order to keep myself right ? On leaving the assessor told my wife that I would get my results in about 8/10 weeks, had you been told this time frame?

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    Thanks David for your kind reply.

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    Yes I asked for a home visit because I am needing a double hip replacement. I would have been in a lot of pain if I had to attend a medical. I have talked to other people some have gone for the medical others have not. They had my results after two weeks give them a ring if the dm has made a decision they will tell you over the phone that’s what they did with me it took another 8 days before I got the letter from them. With the decision in writing. Since my visit I have been in so much pain not able to drive or sleep and even walk. Think it was the strain and worried of the assessment

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    Hi guys. I'm also from Northern Ireland and had my home assessment 3 weeks ago. The nurse was very good and focused on my issues, writing everything down. I was very anxious about the outcome due to horror stories I had heard, but all was fine. I had my results today and have received enhanced care and enhanced mobility, previously being on standard care and low mobility. My problems have got a lot worse over the past two years and my award reflected this. I'm very happy that all my problems have been taken in to account and this has reduced my stress levels tremendously.

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    Many Thanks For Your Kind Reply .

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