Well, just a note on my swim through the dirty waters of PIp.
I have been on indefinite DLA for a disease called Charcot foot, where the bones in my foot have microfactures from my arch reducing and bones moving, part of diabetic Arthropathy.
While the Charcot was live, I gad to wear an air cast, but now it’s dormant (not gone, just sleeping) ????
I wear shoes tgat don’t allow my foot to flex as this can cause more damage, possibly break the bones and could get gangerine, but these shoes have changed my way which has irritated the arthritis in my hip (Charcot left foot, arthritic right hip)

End of September the dreaded “invite” to apply for PiP came through my door.

Duly filled in the forms within the very short tine allowed to send back and tgen invited in October to have a Capita interview in Coventry.

I have to admit, I was not hopeful with the horror stories I have read.

I was pleasantly surprised that the interviewer was warm and not aloof and the whole interview took around 2 hours.

I was told that I could expect a decision in the new year.
I being not hopeful had started to look at alternative cars to my motability car (Volvo xc60 R Design)

Yesterday I was surprised to see a letter from DWP on the mat.

Very quick response from them, and I know they had not been in touch with my doctor or consultants, so expected to request mandatory review.

But no. Award of standard rate PIP and enhanced rate mobility until review in 2021!

This was more than I had in terms of awards than under DLA, which I only got mobility award

So don’t give up, miracles can and do happen.

Just now gave a year to find a replacement for my fantastic XC60 ????