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Thread: Just had my atos home medical

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    Just had my atos home medical

    Just had my ATOS medical, it lasted for 3 hours and was rather intense to say the least, not sure how it went so sit and stew for a few weeks, waiting on the dreaded brown envelope popping through the letter box.

    Had a prior ATOS home medical 3 years ago and it lasted only 40 minutes so cant understand why this one lasted 3 hours lol, maybe he liked the decor, so dont know if the time of visit is a good sign or not, only time will tell..

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    Wow, that is a long one. I assume they did a full medical exam with it being that long? They cannot have that many questions, can they?
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    Hi Stephen, yes he had many questions lol, but did spend about 40 minutes proding at me and now left me in absoloute agony, he didnt really seem to want to listen to my side of things and just kept saying about some of my problems were complications of conditions i have, rather than discussing the actual conditions..

    I have severe obstructive sleep apnea, COPD/ emphysema, small nerve fibre nueropathy, type 2 diabettes, angina and had a heart attack last year,and suffer reccuring bouts of cellulitis, but the DWP seem to think i can manage all and any daily tasks lol, what a shower of ******** lol.

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    Yeah, they love to hurt us, lol. It is like the dentist who you tell which tooth is hurting & they have to stick a sharp tool in it.

    Many conditions on their own are manageable, even when some are serious. It is when you have two or more conditions that there can be a problem in managing them, & the fact is that doctors, other health professionals, care providers, etc, do not see this. It is very hard getting benefit staff to see it too. It is virtually impossible to get the public to see it. So we have this battle to defend ourselves. Of course, some of your conditions are hard to manage on their own.

    Yes, often our situation is worse becuase of the conditions we have, I am the same. It them seems they do want to dismiss us & what we are going through. Often assumptions are made, & help is not given. However, having said that, it may seem, & I could be far wrong, that he was doing the right thing in that looking at how things affect you, which is the point of getting most benefits we require. So, see it as a positive, unless you learn otherwise. BTW, I would feel as you do if it were me.
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    Hi, Is this atos for the new pip. I am worried for my fiance who I am a carer for. She suffers with schizophrenia and also has several foot conditiions and back problem. I know she can be quite easily lead with her nature due to the illness, and this new pip thing is worrying her alot. I had to finish work 9 years ago to take care of her. There is no way she could cope with work. If anyone has any info on what queation they ask a person, please let me know. Thanks

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    Hi Stephen and Health99, your very true with what you say Stephen, and Health99 this was just a review medical, im not trying to worry you but both ATOS doctors i have seen have tried to put answers to questions that i have never said, its as if they ask you something and write their own interpretation regardless of what you have told them.

    Although all is not doom and gloom, a little known fact is that you are entitled to see what the doctor has written on the form before they leave the house and you can sign at the end staing whether you agree or disagree with what has been written, and this was told to me by a DWP medical team member, i have not had to ask after the medical yesterday as the doctor showed me his report, albeit i couldnt read most of his writing lol, so dont know whether it was a good or bad report.

    Just be wary of the questions and most im portantly dont rush to answer or be co-ersed into a reply that you dont agree with, also you may do as my wife did and take notes during the medical, incase of any queeries at a later date, Hope you do ok and try not to stress out too much, ....

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    Hi David, Thankyou very much for your advice, and how it went. I will certainly be there with my fiance and help her with any difficult questions. Thankyou for your time in sending a message.

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    Health, PiP will not start until at least next year. if you have concerns at the time of any review or medical you can seek help from a local agency. I would keep an eye our here, as we will get a lot of people posting about PIP, the assessments, medicals, etc.

    Yes David, often questions are asked that we feel divert from what we feel is relevant to our case. I have to get doctors at such assessments to read out what they have said, same with CAB & the such. So the problem is has what they say actually been said? Can I then sign it? The doctor I had a few years ago said one thing to me but another thing in her report. One thing was that I has explained about the trouble I had in preparing & cooking food. I showed her a couple of cuts, & burns. She put that I had no problems preparing & cooking food. She was not an ATOS doctor. She also seemed to hate the idea that I had a spare month's supply of all my medication. Reason I did as my surgery often messes up my repeats. She seemed to give the impression that this was not justified & was a contradiction to my lack of ability to manage. I could not see why she would think this & I challenged her on that, as my reason for the spare drugs was clear. When my surgery make a mistake it can take anything from 3 days to 4 weeks to sort it out.

    David is right on what he says. I always suggest you think of all possible questions related to your conditions & abilities, or lack thereof. Think of the worse case scenario. Not because this will happen, but because you are then as prepared as you can be to deal with it. Think about what you want to say, & how you want to say it. Make sure that all you want to say is said. See what they are writing. Are you saying something that should take 10 minutes for them to write down, but they only write down a few words? Are they responding to what you say in a way that shows they are listening & questioning what you say?: Not challenging it, but trying to understand & detail it. Or are they just agreeing with it, or even challenging it & not getting the point. Take a few deep breaths. Refer to notes. I have a list of all my drugs, all my conditions & I do refer to them. I cannot remember the doses & how many times a day I have to take everything, not off the top of my head. Nor all my conditions in order. Not when you are trying to remember all you wish to say & might not be saying it to someone who is working with you, but might see distant or apathetic.
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    I wish you luck with the ATOS specialist. For me my visit was quite quick, but i was having a rough day and trying to get me downstairs to walk outside would of taken half the day.
    I believe these specialists need to be thorough, this can only be good! Even if it is a bad report and denied your benefit, you can go straight to your local CAB and begin the appeal war! I do know appeals for DLA are taking about a year. Why so long? Oops it slipped out the DLA are supporting the ESA department in getting everyone onto the ESA and off IB IS etc etc.
    You can then build your case get doctors, specialists family. Anyway old story.
    But yes dont worry it can take them a week or 6 months for a ATOS nurse to examin the ATOS specialist report. I think its form DBD989. I have terrible memory.

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    Hi. When my fiance starts to have her atos medical would letters from her own GP help. It has taken us a fight to get high care dla and mobility, and all this pip thing starts. My fiance suffers with schizophrenia and bad mobility feet issues and scoliosis of the spine, would though that would be it has she managed to get indefinate DLA. Its all very worrying for her as, shes scared they not give her any pip at all, with all the horror stories we have read on the net. Everybody in the health care system as seemed to have dropped her, for her feet and back and also her mental illness. its awful. The phyciatrist said if she become poorley she would have to tell her doctor and then be rerefrerred.

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